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Tyler Mandic At The Forefront Of New Home Architecture Trends Through 2020 and 2021

Press Release: August 01, 2020

Trends come and go in every field and industry. In the world of architecture, it’s important to find that intricate balance between adapting to the changing styles and remaining faithful to traditional methods. Tyler Mandic — home to reputable architects in Chelsea and architects in Kensington — has mastered harmonising these two, enabling them to build houses that are enduring, functional, and able to celebrate the beauty of the craft.

The Way Forward

Architecture experts have predicted that for this year, going green, versatile, and minimal is the way forward.

For 2020 to 2021, more residential property owners will prefer using recyclable materials for their homes and even making their whole property self-sufficient. This is a reflection of humanity’s collective goal of minimising the harms our daily activities pose to the environment.

The movement of going minimal will still be carried on; only this time, the spotlight will be on for avante-garde materials and pieces. And in line with the goal of maximising the house, people will also project an affinity for multipurpose spaces and open-plan layouts. With this, the importance of allowing for more natural light will also be accentuated.

Architects in Chelsea are also well-aware of the trend of being able to enjoy the outdoors all-year-round. Especially now that people are advised to stay at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, residential spaces should be able to serve as a place where its dwellers can still be one with nature immediately surrounding them.

Bringing Architectural Expertise to the Fore

Tyler Mandic maintains a high level of technical expertise relevant to constructing residential properties in central London. And as it has always done, the company keeps itself abreast with the latest styles in architecture without necessarily abandoning the tried-and-tested conventional ways of bringing architectural visions to life.

The company’s in-house architects fare equally well in working with traditional London-inspired houses and with contemporary-looking ones. Their previous works have taught them that the majority of homeowners in this part of the globe usually prefer combining the two — equipping them with enough experience to handle projects incorporating the abovementioned trends for this year and the next.

Giving them a more competitive edge is their meticulousness in their project administration. From start to finish, Tyler Mandic is attentive to their clients’ needs. Their experts professionally give honest advice on how to make the project successful — whether it’s a residential space being constructed from scratch or a renovation that involves basement conversions, house extensions, and property rebuilding among others.

Their professionalism also extends to their work with overseas clients. The company is proficient in lending their architectural expertise to non-UK residents who want to purchase a London residential property as a home or as an investment. They help from the selection and purchasing of the real estate to planning approvals and refurbishing and redecorating it according to their clients’ preferences.

Building your dream home or revamping the look of your treasured property this year? Team up with the best architects in Chelsea and architects in Kensington. Visit Tyler Mandic at https://tylermandic.co.uk or reach them out at+44 (0)20 7352 5250.

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