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Two New Exciting Brands Hit Screens at MainlineMenswear.co.uk

Press Release: March 18, 2010

Belstaff and Levis are the two newest brands to grace the screens of Mainline Menswear this week, with both offering the fashion lover a very different product, but the same quality garment, that has nearly 100 years of history and heritage behind them. Both brands are represented for the first time on the site, and early interest is showing that they will be around to stay, hopefully for another 100 years. Mainline Menswear are proud to announce these two new brands, with another half a dozen due within the next few weeks, well worth keeping an eye on the designer menswear website.

The brand first hit the British motorcycle clothing scene in 1924 when Eli Belovitch and his son in law Harry Grosberg first laid down plans for a jacket that kept a motorcyclist dry and warm. As the jackets developed Belstaff began to use waxed cotton to give their garments a waterproof characteristic, but still allowed the jacket to breathe, something which came in handy with motorcyclists, but also benefits the fashion market today. This has since been redeveloped in the 90s with Belfresh technology being used to enhance the characteristics of the cottons used. The brand then expanded as the inevitable interest took off and Belstaff began creating gloves, goggles, helmets, bags and Belstaff boots. All were created with the specification of keeping a Belstaff jacket wearer warm and dry.

During the 1940s two Belstaff jackets were created, that even today remain the most famous styles and designs of waterproof jackets. The Black Prince Motorcycle Jacket and the Belstaff Trialmaster jacket were and still are without a doubt the centerpieces of the entire Belstaff coats collection. The black prince had over 40,000 pieces created annually for 40 years, while the trialmaster has been worn by many generations and has been worn by Sammy Miller, Phil Read and even Ernesto Che Guevara who wore the jacket when crossing Latin America.

Moving forward into the 2000s the Belstaff collection began to take off in the US, with many films and music artists now featuring the jacket with Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 3, Will Smith in I Am Legend and Leonardo Di Caprio in The Aviator. These films have helped lift the worldwide appeal of the brand, and will ensure that the jacket is in the public eye in films for a long time to come. Another iconic jacket that has also appeared on Mainline Menswear with the rest of the costs collection is the Belstaff Roadmaster jacket. This amazing jacket is one of the main features of the Belstaff jackets collection and features the signature coated wax, and is perfect in the classic black used for a lot of the jackets. In the public eye it has been worn by Jay-Z at the MTV European Music Awards in Berlin in 2009, when he performed live alongside U2.

With such a heritage and history behind the brand it is clear to see why the fantastic British collection is set to do so well on Mainline Menswear, alongside other top British brands Luke 1977, Paul Smith, Ted Baker, Baracuta and Fred Perry. These top brands really do make the website what it is, and are set to welcome American brand Levis into the fold, with a smart new collection of jeans, and a few pieces of clothing on show the brands resurgence is set to take another step in the UK with a huge showing on top designer menswear retailer Mainline Menswear.

Levi Strauss first began making denim products in 1853, however the first products were workers overalls, with the modern denim jean not being released until the 1920s. Levi Strauss & Co is entirely owned by relatives and decedents of Levi Strauss, ensuring that the roots of the organisation remain with the people who first made the jeans popular all those years ago.

Levi and a tailor named Jacob Davis were possibly the first people to use and patent the use of a rivet on a denim garment, but also the first to design and market the modern jean, or waist overalls as they were first referred to by Davis. As time progressed word spread across America, usually by tourists from the west coast, who returned to their every day life with their new hard wearing, denim pants. World War 2 also aided in Levi Strauss & Cos progression, with only defence workers allowed to purchase blue jeans. Within 30 years of existence the company boasted 22,000 sales people, 50 denim plants and offices in 35 different countries.

This expansion helped the brand to develop their jeans further, and invest time in the various styles and designs that have become a common feature of todays denim market. Shrink-to-fit 501s were hugely popular in the 50s and 60s, and still to this day are the best selling style of Levis jeans. During this developmental stage the rivet on the crotch had to be moved to underneath the fly, as the companies president accidentally overheated his crotch rivet, undoubtedly leading to some discomfort between his legs!

The typical styles available from Levis in Mainline Menswears collection include the Levis 501, 512 and the 10th anniversary edition jeans. This will obviously hugely expand into the 511, 504, 506 and then right through into the salvage edge jeans, and the raw denims. Dont miss out on your chance to be the first to purchase Levis jeans at Mainline Menswear, this brand is bound to be around for a long time to come.

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