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Two-Michelin star chef Sat Bains tests his skills under pressure on the race track.

Press Release: July 08, 2015

In April, chef Sat Bains survived a life threatening health scare on Mount Everest during his World’s Highest Dinner Party attempt on Everest, only to then get caught up in Nepal’s devastating earthquake. Sat spoke about how his experience in Nepal has affected his view on life and business: ‘It’s made me appreciate everything we have here in the UK. I was so grateful when I got home just to close my own door and sleep in my own bed when I knew there were hundreds of thousands in Nepal who couldn't do that simple little thing. It’s made me happier and a bit more driven at work too, just making the best of every day really.’
Mr Bains booked the Performance Driver Course with CAT Driver Training upon his return as a thank you to his Head Chef John Freeman for looking after the kitchen at his two-Michelin star Restaurant Sat Bains in Nottingham: ‘I loved the fact that that we could use our own cars for the course.’
Mr Bains booked a Performance Driver Training Course with CAT Driver Training. Innovators in the driver training industry, CAT Driver Training specialise in using vehicle dynamics to allow drivers to get the most from their car. Founder and Chief Instructor, Colin Hoad explains; ‘Not only will you understand how to drive your car but also how it works underneath you. This engineering knowledge optimises your technique in any given situation.’
The CAT Performance Course is tailored to your needs and objectives, with the core skills involved in driving a performance vehicle at the heart of your training.is designed to combine road and race circuit techniques. Sat Bains explains; ‘This was an advanced course with instructors with backgrounds that understood the mechanics of each car and its technical ability. It wasn't a thrill seeking experience ultimately - although there were moments - but getting more out of the car you actually owned while staying safe.’
‘There are definite links with the disciplines involved in both Michelin star cooking and driving at an advanced level. You need to be so focused and really disciplined with every little detail. Being a chef you're only as good as your last service. Driving at advanced level, you're only as good as your last drive. Both make you aspire to be better. This course offered a great insight into the technical and drivability of your car, that you would only use 25% of in a normal day.’

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