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Two Famous German Game Developers Offer a Fun Project of Creating Video Games in Kickstarter

Press Release: March 02, 2017

A successful online programming instructor collaborated with a skilled game developer and now they started an online project-based game development course using Unity 3D in Kickstarter.

Two German game developers, Denis Panjuta and Stefan Bentele, started a campaign for a game development course on Kickstarter for anyone who has an interest in making cross-platforms games using a powerfull tool, Unity 3D. Denis Panjuta who is an engineer and experienced online instructor in Germany said that their project will be fun and educational, and it can be easily followed by anyone who would like to make a game. Even beginners will be able to follow the course, since the purpose of the project is to teach anybody who is interested to create video games from scratch.

The course will be a project-based course which means the backers (a Kickstarter term for anyone who agrees to support the project) will be given not only the theoretical concepts of game development and programming, but also several projects along with their mini challenges. So, the backers will have a comprehensive knowledge of game development, and will be confident to create video games by their own later after finishing the course.

The tool that will be used in the course is Unity 3D that is known as an exceptional platform to create high quality games. The backers are expected to have a personal computer or laptop that can run Unity 3D smoothly. Denis Panjuta as the instructor will send step-by-step videos along with the explanations behind the steps.

In the beginning, the backers will learn the basic of C#. Then, the instructor will give 6 different projects to mark the difficulty levels of game development. Those projects include:

· Asteroid Clone
· Pong Clone
· Minesweeper Clone
· Tower Defense
· 3D Jump and Run game
· 3D First Person Shooter (FPS)

To follow the course, the backers should donate a single one-off fee for 19€. The course is expected to start in May 2017. But, if the funding goal has already fulfilled before the ETA date, the course initiators will post the course contents that can be accessed by early users as well as a beta tester of the first developed games. The later users, will have to wait until May 2017 to access the contents. The course initiators also provide additional bonuses for user’s benefits that are not available at the launch.

About the course initiator
Denis Panjuta is a German engineer graduated from the University of Applied Science Konstanz. He is also a successful online instructor for game programming, with over than 26,000 students who have learned from him. He speaks German and English fluently.
Stefan Bentele is an expert of C# who is also an experienced game developer.
For more information please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1536692795/learn-to-make-awesome-video-games-with-unity-3d-fr/


Name: Denis Panjuta
Email: denis@panjutorials.de
Location: Cologne, Germany

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