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Tweak Windows 7 with Win7Zilla version 2.4

Press Release: March 29, 2010

March 24, 2010

Nottingham, UK - Hanoi, Vietnam - Sagitos Ltd announced the release of Win7Zilla Version 2.4 to all users of Windows 7. It is free to use over the course of 15 days with no limit to its features.

Win7Zilla is an easy-to-use and multi-in-one utility which allows the user to customize and maintain Windows 7.

Win7Zilla is mainly comprised of hundreds of tweaks aimed at assisting users customizing Windows 7 settings and making Windows 7 work the way they want. By using a simple graphical interface, Win7Zilla allows the users to view and modify system settings with just a few clicks. All settings including Taskbar and Start Menu settings, System and Security settings, Desktop and Personalization settings, Internet Explorer settings and Windows Explorer settings can be applied with an instant effect and no system restarting or logging off is required.

Win7Zilla works as a multi-utility software that allows the users to view system hardware and software information, change Windows 7 logon screen, change OEM and User information, manage Start-up applications, access many Windows 7 utilities, optimize physical memory (RAM), optimize internet connection, boost gaming performance, clean up the system and clean up the Windows Registry.

Sagitos Ltd is currently offering Win7Zilla for just $9.99

For more details about Win7Zilla, please visit http://www.win7zilla.com

About Sagitos Ltd

Sagitos Ltd is a software company specializing in Windows and Mobile applications. In addition to this, we also have an equal emphasis on qualitative offshore software development services.



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