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TVS Logistics gets rechristened, metamorphoses to TVS Supply Chain Solutions

Press Release: August 18, 2019

Logistics is one of the most soughtafter yet complex processes for modern day businesses. Distancesfor procuring and distributing do not matter for them if they are able to collaboratewith efficient logistics partners. Ineptsupply chain may result in high transportation costs, inefficient inventory management, high labor costs and frequent out of stock of products at the POS.Such instances also takeaway precious time and money that the businesses can devote to their core competencies. The need of the hour points toefficient and effective supplychainsolutions to take care of all logistics requirements.
The supply chain sector in India is highly unorganized with small fleet owners ruling the roost. As such business entities collaborating with such small time operators not only face immense uncertainty over the movement and condition of freight but also incur high transportation costs. There is complete dearth of custom made supply chain solution provider that also offers world class warehouses, in the sector.
TVS Supply Chain Solution aims to fill this gap by offering superlativeend-to end supplychainsolutions for businesses acrossall spectrumandsize. This subsidiary of TVS group of companies, ever since its inception,has successfullyestablished itself asthe leader in the logistics sector. With presence in over 50 countries and a massive network of warehouses, it helps businesses all over the world with avant-garde freight forwardingsolutions.
TVS Supply Chain Solutions understands logistics needs of the modern day businessesincluding Warehouse management solutions, and offers tailormadesolutions that help them with movementand storage of goods with superb ease. The company offers completegamut of processes in freight management. Its freight forwarding solutions includescustomclearance, export documentation, facilities of air and sea freight, in addition to warehousing and distribution. Its last mile solutions ensures same day courier, and availability of field engineer and spare part logistics in case required. Thecompany that initiallystarted with auto & engineering logisticsisexpanding rapidly in terms of industries, reach, and the numbers of countriesand regions covered. That is not all; it has been a trailblazer in green supply chain management as well. Whether with regards to its fleets or for waste disposal, TVS Supply Chain Solutionshas formulated environmental friendlysolutions, andhas been followingthese with diligence. It has turned around other facets of logistics as well. Its WMS helps in tracking inventory levels accurately. It has also attempted and has been successful in optimizing manpowerand equipmentwithhighthroughput time.
For its unwavering dedication, immense expertiseand ability to craft impeccable logistics solutions,TVS Supply Chain Solutions has been bestowed with several awards including CII Scale Awards, IMC RBNQA, Chennai Logistics Leadership Awards, IOCL’s Road Logistics Award for “Best Technology Adopter”et al.

To popularize, reiterate and reinforce the brand for the domestic as well as international audience,the company - erstwhile TVS logistics has now paved the way for its new incarnation, TVS Supply Chain Solutions.The rebranding shall also go a long way in infusing new enthusiasm in the15000 plus cadre of the company, as well as perch the company as a leadingsupply chain solution brand, worldwide.

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