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TV news channels and social media are not controlled by the Press Council

Press Release: April 21, 2020

The Press Council of India (PCI) states that "Electronic media, TV news channels, Social Media mediums like Whatsapp/Facebook/Twitter don't go under the ward of the Press Council of India"

Segment 14 of the Press Council Act 1978, "engages the Council to caution, rebuke or reproach the paper, the news office, the supervisor or the columnist concerned or dislike the direct of the editorial manager or the writer on the off chance that it finds that a paper or a news office has affronted against the guidelines of journalistic morals or open taste or that a proofreader or a working columnist has submitted any expert unfortunate behavior, on the receipt of objection or something else."

The announcement further says that "Protests against and by the print media are arbitrated by the Council by holding fast to the Press Council (Procedure for Inquiry) Regulations, 1979,".

The Press Council of India is a legal, semi legal power organized by an Act of the Parliament. The PCI capacities under the Press Council Act, 1978 and Section 14 of the Press Council Act,1978.

Attributable to the progressing worldwide misery brought about by COVID-19, the media business is managing a great deal of vulnerability, which is the reason numerous news associations are requesting that their staff individuals leave, take compensation cut or even take uncertain leave without pay. This is regardless of the administration requesting that the businesses not diminish the pay during the across the nation lockdown, not to stop them yet permit individuals to telecommute.

Concerning the updates on cutbacks in different celebrated media organizations, a ton of columnists took on their internet based life handles and mentioned PCI to research this issue and ensure that nobody is discharged from their activity because of across the nation lockdown.

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