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Turning pain into purpose: Q. Allen King releases "Can A Woman Raise A Man"

Press Release: October 01, 2015

Noted Author, Motivational Speaker, & Musician Q. Allen King releases "Can A Woman Raise A Man" a mind-blowing new book, stage play, & musical dialogue that attacks this cultural ailment head on; using personal pain and experience, to help others navigate the torrents of this condition.

The foundation in a four (4) book series, "Can A Woman Raise A Man" brings forth the contradiction, contrast, and contractions of his collective experience, yet gives birth to hope and healing. Pain and life understanding lays way to a poignant message for women, children, & men. It explains the societal statistics; how this affects the climate of our culture and community.

This book is not just filled with information and insight, but the personal pain that starts the process of trans4mation. Fatherlessness, is the most devastating disease our planet has ever encountered. It is a detestable disease that will leave one without identity, self-esteem, or a true sense of purpose. It is the culprit behind the rise in delinquent behavior, drug abuse and relational dysfunction. Fatherlessness has become the courier of poverty and herald of hopelessness and despair.

As a child, author Q. Allen King dreamed of being a judge or a radio DJ. His parents shaped the majority of his life decisions, but it was the philosophy of “Focus or Fold” from his football coach that motivated him. With influences like Tupac, T.D. Jakes, & Nathan McCall, he is a voice, social commentator, philanthropist, caring father and catalyst for change. King wants readers to learn to listen in layers, and have compassion; for what you see is not always what you get. And above all, Love.

Q. Allen King has risen from the extreme crucible of the urban experience, and is ready to speak with potency and power to help individuals and organizations rise and reach their maximum potential.

"Can Woman Raise A Man" is published by Redd Ladys Publishing, LLC. Sponsored by Onix Magazine, LLC., they will be touring the United States, traveling to 52 cities utilizing events like Conversations & Cocktails w/Q, CAWRAM Seminar & Panel, & The "Can A Woman Raise A Man" Monologues & Musical to bring hope and healing; help us better understand and connect!

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