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Tuning in to teh pain of the car driver

Press Release: April 16, 2010

Tuning into the pain of the car driver

With the economic downturn still upon us, tightening our purse strings has come as a natural response to riding the rather gloomy conditions especially as petrol and diesel prices continue to rise. In stark contrast, car manufacturers have been pouring money into advertising their more economic models, promising us more for our money and extra MPG. But is this counter offensive really working? Upgrading your car is never cheap, even if there are fuel benefits to be had.

FlashRemapping (www.flashremapping.co.uk) now offer a viable way of improving the fuel economy of your current vehicle without having to fork out on a new 2010 model from your local garage. ECU remapping is the term given to the process of fine tuning a vehicle engine so that either fuel economies can be gained or an increase in power can be achieved. Whats more, this form of engine tuning does not compromise the cars driving behaviour, but generally enhances it.

ECU remapping has traditionally been the preserve of the go-faster-brigade but with diesel and petrol prices soaring the remappers have turned their attention from performance in 0-60 times to performance at the pumps. Since teaming up with Viezu technologies, one of if not the premier tuning house in the world FlashRemapping are now offering the very best in economy as well as performance engine tuning.

FlashRemapping are a company looking to help vehicle owners reduce fuel costs and be that little bit greener. FlashRemapping are offering an ECO-Tune service which is currently outselling their MAX-Tune service by 8 to 1. By remapping your vehicle, FlashRemapping can safely optimise your vehicles fuel economy, BHP and torque.

Typical fuel savings are as follows:

Turbo diesel models: 10 -15% extra fuel economy
Turbo petrol models: 7 - 12% extra fuel economy

What type of vehicles can be remapped: Most cars and vans from the year 2000 onwards. A list of vehicles can be found on the FlashRemapping website: www.flashremapping.co.uk

Standard vehicle service cost: The ECO-Tune (more MPG) and the MAX-Tune (more BHP and torque) both start from £299 however to help motorists at present FlashRemapping are offering 10% off their tuning service.

How long does it take: FlashRemapping offer a mobile service to your home or place of work typically taking less than an hour to complete. FlashRemapping are so confident about their services that you will be pleased to hear they offer a 7 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results. Of course your vehicle is covered by full insurance while being worked on and the software upgrade carries a lifetime guarantee.

To book a remap or to discuss further please contact:-

David Lewis
T: 0208 301 3862 M : 07886368795
E: flashremapping@googlemail.com
More information can be found on the website www.flashremapping.co.uk

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

David LewisDavid Lewis

Tel: 0208301386202083013862

Email: flashremapping@googlemail.co.ukflashremapping@googlemail.co.uk

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