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Tubig Blockchain going public.

Press Release: January 31, 2018

Tubig BlockchainLimited (January 26, 2018) today expressed an interest in a reverse merger ("Merger") with Ecoloclean Industries, Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: ECCI) ("Ecoloclean").
The merger would be the first of Tubig Blockchain's investments to become a stand-alone public company. Aiden Wyatt, Chief Executive Officer of Tubig Blockchain is said to be excited about the concept to take the company public which provides access to traditional capital markets as they continue developing their blockchain technology solutions. It also encourages transparency and accountability moving forward, providing confidence to investors and prospective customers. Ecoloclean CEO Royis Ward believe both the company complement the other and a successful merger with Tubig Blockchain can be an option moving forward which can offer substantial value to shareholders as Tubig advances its business plan to tap the vast market in the U.S.
Tubig Blockchain is aimed to use the power of blockchain technology to partner with top companies that will offer clean water technologies cheaply to those less privileged to clean water by accepting Tubig as means of payments and using the Tubig crypto to make the water technologies cheaper than the world has ever have.
Ecoloclean Industries, Inc utilizes various water remediation techniques and technologies. Ecoloclean began operations in 2002 with the licensing agreement for the patented Electro-coagulation technology. In the ensuing years Ecoloclean has perfected the technology and proven its efficacy through use in the US oil patch operations providing remediation of drilling effluent.
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