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Tube Refund - Finally, An Iphone App That Actually Makes You Money!

Press Release: March 15, 2010

Launched in February 2010 with great ratings and already featured on Techcrunch Europe - Tube Refund takes the basic concept of form filling to help thousands of Londoners get refunds on delays to their London Underground journey.

With regular strikes, over priced ticket fares, crowded trains and track closures every weekend - its about time someone came up with a solution for the average London tube traveller to get back at the tube.

The tube refund application does just that. Utilising the ever-growing popularity of the iPhone app store; the Tube Refund application uses a form filling functionality to complete the refund form and submits it to London Underground with almost no work from the user.

London Underground has offered refunds for journeys delayed by over 15 minutes for a while now. However, completing the form and more importantly remembering to complete the form when you get to work (late!) has always been a tedious task for most travellers.

Now with the power of technology your iPhone stores your details and completes your refund form for you in a matter of seconds.

With approximately 1,996 delays across the tube network in 2009 (which works out to 38 delays a week) the Tube Refund could not have come at a better time.

At a low 59p the application is a must buy for any Londoner with an iPhone - and it is almost guaranteed that the app would have paid for itself within the first two weeks!

Get more details at http://www.tubeticketrefund.co.uk or search for Tube Refund on your app store.

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