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Trying to help Chilean SMEs with their business digitalization

Press Release: July 17, 2020

We offer direct loans to small businesses for employment and development of e-commerce for us, and they pay only after 30 days so that they can learn to use the new website or e-commerce and sell a little. We expect local businesses, especially the smallest and most vulnerable ones, to get some liquidity before making payments.

Agencia Koffein is an internet marketing, website design and SEO positioning agency in Chile, specializing in SMEs for over 3 years. We were also struck by the crisis caused by the 19 cowboy pandemic and the resulting economic crisis that awaits us, in addition to the social upheavals that have taken place since October 2019, Chile is a country that has received three strong blows. its stability in less than 6 months.

For this reason, by taking control of our mission to become a real support for micro enterprises and fair market development, both in economic and social terms, we decided to make an extra effort in our work, not just lower our prices. para Most of our professional services bear the risk of doing our work and charging fees only after 30 days from the date of delivery of the website or e-commerce.

To accomplish this task, we decided to use the free tools available on the market, relying on WordPress and WooCommerce for digital development and our own licenses that we provide to our clients, without charging fees for those licenses for customers who really need a digital platform to maintain it . starts as soon as possible.

Why did we decide to do it ourselves?
Unfortunately, the Chilean government turned out to be lazy and deaf and neglected tens of thousands of small entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs. Although he created a special law within a few days to protect large companies, he did not do the same for the most sensitive sector of our economy. Observing this and realizing that the government's proposals do not match the realities of the country, we are forced to act, because the Koffein Agency is the first to support and support the development of small businesses and accompany them until they become large companies and more. We cannot abandon SMEs at the most difficult moment we have had in virtually all of our history as a country.

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