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Trioangle Has Launched A New Age Airbnb Clone For Rental Business

Press Release: December 11, 2020

“Never start a business just to ‘MAKE MONEY’. Start a business to make a difference.” – Marie Forle

The times may pass by, but the urge to start a business doesn’t fade from entrepreneurs. Now people understand the importance of technology in a pandemic. In the tech-driven period, one can start a business easily and reach an audience quickly. Uber, Airbnb, Amazon are the real-time tech unicorns. They made timely services during a pandemic to improve trust and quality among the people on the platform. 

Business owners can start business instantly with readymade software available. One such is a Makent Switch for rental business.

Makent Switch – The Best Airbnb Clone

Makent Switch is a rental software like Airbnb. It includes new and core features of Airbnb, built with a rich technology stack. A new, dynamic airbnb clone, where entrepreneurs can switch over any rental category without moving to customization. The rental category includes car rental, boat rental and space rental businesses.

Makent Switch is a unique airbnb clone that offers brand new features & designs as Airbnb. The responsive webapp includes dynamic listing and instant booking. Multiple languages and multiple currencies are an additional benefit to wide-spread the business. Form builder and content editor are the highlights that convert common clone script to single script with varied rental concepts. 

Makent Switch

How Does Makent Switch Works?

Makent Switch is almost similar to all the airbnb clones on the network. The users involved to the cost-effective approach are guest, host and admin

  • Guest : Guests  can  book the unused space or thing listed for rent instantly.
  • Host : Host here, dynamically list their unused space or thing for rental.
  • Admin : The owner of the business, who monitors the entire software and business. They choose Makent Switch to avoid small customisation and to save energy, money. Here admin can purchase the airbnb clone package for property rental business. Based on trend, if they wish to change the business module to boat/car/space rental business, it is possible with Makent Switch. 

As other airbnb clones, the business owners generate revenue with service fee. The fee includes connect guest and host , also booking of the unused rental space or things.

How Makent Switch Is Dynamic?:

Content Editor : 

In content editor, you can modify the content of your web pages that immediately reflects on the frontend of web pages. The change is monitored without any expense.

Form Builder : 

The admin can create forms dynamically. So that listings are dynamic and modifications are done immediately. 

Be A Host : 

In a sample panel a user can be a both guest and host for the rental system.

iCal Sync : 

The Host can manage the available dates with this feature. The dates are synched digitally with other calendars to avoid a mismatch of dates.

Advanced Search Filters: 

Using the search filters the guest can shrink down the listings and show the desired ones.

Day / Night Booking : 

The rental script includes both day or night booking. Based on the need the Makent Switch will be offered with either day booking futures or night ones.

Check out the demo of Makent switch – Trioangle’s newly developed airbnb clone. If you are interested, contact sales@trioangle.com or ping to 6379630152.


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