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Tricks to Play and Win the Ludo Cash Games Ever

Press Release: April 09, 2020

Ludo game is one of the most popular board game compared to other board games these days. Playing Ludo also has Health Benefits to be strong and reduce stress.
Online ludo game is one of the most strategic and changeable game and sometimes tough to win. But, here we will let you know some strategic ideas and tricks where you can win the game to earn cash. Each ludo game apps have got 2 parts safe zone & unsafe zone.
where you can safeguard your tokens from opponents and play ideally to win.
Ludoskill is more of a strategy game than luck, luck comes into existence when you cannot strategize it anymore. 
  1. Random booster - Ludoskill is featured with boosters. The system generates the number and gives you at the start of the game. Applying your skill you can use this number while playing to win or kill the opponent.
  2. Choice booster - You can select the number of your choice and use this number while playing ludo to win or kill the opponent.
  3. Be confident about yourself, take time to think the best move possible, think, rethink & play. You’ll start to be quick in this, the more you play, the better strategy you can make.
  4. Open all your tokens, as soon as you get the chance.
  5. Invest your numbers on all the tokens. If you keep running the only token, it has high chances to get killed.
  6. Remember which number can lead you to the best position, which number will let you kill the opponent.
  7. Kill your opponents as much as possible, here are the highest chances for you to win.
  8. Keep the token, which is nearer to the victory at a safe place & move it with bigger numbers. Invest smaller numbers on tokens that are just beginning to run out of the house.
  9. If your token is into victory & you get a chance to kill the opponent, you must go for victory. Kill him if the number is too small (1 or 2) so that you can get a chance to play again.
  10. If you got a number that is not good for any of your tokens, use it to move the token that is nearest to the starting point.
  11. Use the boosters number while playing a game to be in a safe zone or killing opponents else to go for victory.
Moreover, it is a game, you may win or you may lose. Try to play a pleasant game, with the best of your skills. These are some the Tricks to Play and Win the Ludo Cash Games Ever.
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