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Tribal Trend Jewellery Handmade By A Real Tribe

Press Release: April 16, 2010

Based in northern Thailand, the Karen Tribe specialise in hand-made silver jewellery inspired by nature. Hill-Tribe Silver is actually purer than Sterling Silver (92.5%) with a pure silver content of 95% - 99%.

Each family has their own 'speciality' - so one family may make little silver flowers, while their neighbours make leaves. Yet another family will make butterflies with particular markings on them, while another family makes different butterflies.

These artisans lovingly handcraft even the smallest pieces and therefore each piece is unique. We use different selections of these lovely pieces as components for belong jewellery and combine them with British design to create something truly unique!

We're not big enough to support a whole community single-handedly, but we're happy to do what we can to help. Therefore, we try to ensure that we always have some Hill-Tribe Silver in our collections.

We also have these wonderful wooden rings, hand-carved by artisans in Indonesia. Each ring has its own unique markings and will differ a little from the next in absolute shape. So one ring might have a slightly bigger 'front' section than the next, for example. These rings will wear with age too, and take on different characteristics along the way (just like us, I guess!)

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