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Treat your 2020 Valentine to a £5,000 room for only £630!

Press Release: September 21, 2019

*New travel blog uncovers the cheapest rates for the world’s best hotels and sends this directly to your inbox. In its latest blog post, the Hotel Weatherman, shows how you can stay at the famous Bvlgari Hotel in London on valentines day for 40% less than the average price.*


Staying at the Bvlgari Hotel in London is never going to be ‘economical’. With the average price of a room at an eye-watering £1,056 per night, it is most certainly out of the price range for many.

However, if you do what to splurge, treat your significant other to a luxury night, or if there is a special occasion - say valentines day - you can stay there for up to £300 below the average price if you pick the right dates.

As you’ve probably guessed valentines day, which also happens to land on a Friday in 2020, is one of the cheapest times to stay there, if you book soon. A quick look at the data collected this September shows that prices drop in between January and May with February being the cheapest month on average - see full article for graph data.

Hotel prices can change like the wind, and the Bvlgari is no exception. The same room that is priced at £630 in February, is also priced at £5,039 in December 2019, with many other dates around the £3,800 mark. If you really want to treat someone to an unforgettable night in one of the worlds most prestigious hotels, on valentines day, on a Friday, staying in a room with a £5,000 price tag, now is the time book to claim that now seemingly reasonable price of £630!

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