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Traveller of the month: Elita Almeida

Press Release: June 07, 2016

The Blueberry Trails kick off this new section on their blog celebrating travelers around them. People, they know/ have known- who are doing fantastic things with their time on the road, and some of them also have designed their life around their travels. These travellers never cease to inspire us, and they thought they should share more about them.Happy reading!

The Blueberry Trails is super excited to introduce Elita Almeida (@NomadicThunker) as their first Traveler of the month. Elita is the boss lady for her blog, Nomadic Thunker, whom they met at a Travelers’ meet hosted by Mariellen Ward (@Breathedreamgo).

She is a thoroughbred Indian, stoked by all that there is to explore and experience here in this country(India). It's this love for travel that fuels her blog. Every destination she set foot on has been accounted for here. Just like the feet, the hands don't tire either. And she only writes what I've experienced. That's the only way she can be authentic. "That's the only way I can write and egg my readers to live vicariously through my words or find the nudge they need to go experience it firsthand themselves.

P.S. I'd prefer if they'd opt for the latter.” She says.

1. Name your favourite place that you have been to, and why does it resonate with you so much?

Ah! A tough one. But as clichéd as it may sound, mine would be Ladakh, for several reasons. Ladakh has taught me that coexistence between man and nature is possible – even in those extreme conditions. And what makes Ladakh more special is that it was during my second trip to the region in 2013 that I began travel blogging for the very first time! I’ve been there thrice in four years and it has always left me humbler and more grateful as a person.

2. Where are you right now, as we speak?

As we speak, I’m cooling my heels in Pondicherry.

3. Your favourite travel companion?

My wits! ;)

4. 4 things we will always find in your backpack if we look.

Diary and pen

A novel


Portable charger

5. Strangest dish you have ever tasted.

I am forever plucking fruits and berries from plants. The oddest looking ones have the juiciest of flavours.

6. Who is your inspiration?

Mr. Vijayan – The tea vendor from Kochi who has been travelling the world with his wife.

7. What is your favourite Travel blog?

I enjoy reading http://solotravelerblog.com/ by Janice and Tracey

8. Top 3 places on your travel wishlist.

North East India



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9. To Travel is to…..

…acknowledge how little we’ve known about the world around us from our armchairs!

10. How do you make time for travel amidst your day job. How do you inter-weave your passions?

I don't have a day job anymore. I quit it around 18 months ago to rediscover what I truly wanted to do. And travel not just triggered that decision but has also been my guiding force since!
I have travelled alongside my day job (when I had one) by planning my leaves much more efficiently than I've ever planned anything else out. So that worked out well for me. My superiors would be in the know of my time out of office so work wouldn't get affected.
At present I freelance my way through to afford my travels (since I have all the time I want at my disposal). I've been working with travel brands and companies as well as have recently started my own venture to inter-weave my passions.

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The Blueberry Trails wish Elita plenty of luck, may awesomeness be her constant companion.

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