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Traveling Safely During The COVID-19 Pandemic: Why It's Best To Hire Airport Transfers

Press Release: August 15, 2020

The world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic and as of writing, the number of COVID cases around the world has already reached over 20 million. Despite this figure, many countries are now starting to lift lockdown restrictions — including air travel ban. If you’re flying to London, one of the ways you can do to ensure your safety against the infectious disease is hiring airport transfers Ashford.

Traveling in a Time of Pandemic

COVID-19 is primarily transferred through respiratory droplets. If a person who’s possibly infected releases contaminated droplets (e.g. Through coughing, talking, sneezing) and these droplets enter another person’s body (through the eyes, nose, and mouth), the latter can contract the said disease. This is why health experts reiterate the importance of staying at home. If you’re going out, wearing protective masks and shields and observing proper social distancing (at least two metres apart) are a must.

Traveling in a critical time like this is indeed challenging. As you get exposed to more people — and surfaces where contaminated droplets may have landed — you have a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. However, many experts agree that air travel is relatively safer. This is because airplanes’ air circulation and filtering system provides an environment where viruses cannot spread easily. Still, airport travelers are vulnerable as they have to spend time in terminals and in security lines.

Why Hire Airport Transfers

While you’re within the airport premises, you’re required to adhere to their stringent health and safety protocols. On your end, you also have to observe personal hygiene and properly wear a mask (or a face shield) to minimise your risk of contracting COVID-19.

But what if you’re already outside and are headed to your destination? This is where reliable airport transfers Ashford comes in. When you hire such services, you will enjoy the following safety-related benefits:

Working with a well-trained and a healthy chauffeur

Riding in a thoroughly sanitised vehicle

Being able to observe proper distancing inside the vehicle

Lowering the possibility of contracting COVID-19 by availing riskier modes of transportation (e.g. Cab, train)

The price of paying for an exclusive transport service is well justified by the abovementioned advantages. And the good news is, hiring airport transfers have more perks to offer, including:

Punctuality. One of the basic characteristics of drivers working for airport transfer-providing companies is promptness. They know how important punctuality is in this business; this is why they use their knowledge and familiarity with the road to avoid traffic-prone areas and places where there are construction projects.

Convenience. Chauffeurs are also tasked to assist their clients in many ways possible — from carrying your luggage to helping you with language barriers to taking the best route possible towards your destination. These services are done with professionalism and with your safety in mind.

Privacy. As mentioned, airport transfers Ashford offer exclusivity. It doesn’t only give you your needed moment of respite after a long flight, it also provides a certain level of privacy (which can allow you to take phone calls, for instance, without getting infringed).

In need of competitively priced airport transfers? Ashford Portfolio offers the finest airport executive travel services in the area. Know more details on their website www.ashfordprotfolioairportexecutivetravel.co.uk or call them at 07814710753 or 01233 503164.

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