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Travel Expert Puts Four Top Hotel Booking Websites to Test in Search of Hotel Discounts

Press Release: December 13, 2019

Dec 13, 2019 -- Booking.com is one of the top choices for booking hotel accommodations globally.

But as more travel technology startups enter the hotel booking space, competition is heating up. Frugal travelers can benefit by comparing apps against each other in search of the cheapest hotel bookings.

Travel expert Uri Sharon breaks down four new hotel booking website competitors in a new article at Travel Trend (TrvlTrend.com). In“4 Hotel Booking Websites That Give You a Cheaper Price Than Booking.com,” the founder and editor of Travel Trend shares details on how to use these four hotel booking providers to find cheap hotels.

Sharon says that while booking.com is a great website serving millions of users monthly, newer booking websites offer stiff competition for people searching for the cheapest rates. These sites include:

HotelTonight: Sharon said this mobile travel app is ideal for looking for cheap hotels at the last-minute, as it can help travelers save more than 20 percent on hotel bookings. Sharon and the Travel Trend team tested the HotelTonight app against Booking.com by looking for a hotel in London.

Roomer: RoomerTravel.com is a newer travel discount app that offers discounted hotel accommodations resold by travelers who booked with a non-refund policy and then couldn’t use the booking. The Travel Trend team searched for a discounted hotel in London at Roomer and Booking and shared the results in their article.

Pruvo: This travel tech startup boasts big discounts on hotel prices around the world. Sharon compared Pruvo.net to Booking by looking for a discounted hotel room in Berlin.

Hotel Metasearch: Google aggregates hotel offers from online travel agencies (OTAs), wholesalers, and hotels. See in the full article results how to use this booking option and find the cheapest hotel prices online - https://www.trvltrend.com/travel-trends/4-hotel-booking-websites-that-give-you-a-cheaper-price-than-booking-com/.

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