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Transsexual files claim in European Court of Human Rights

Press Release: March 26, 2010

For Immediate Release.
HALIFAX, UK, MARCH 25 2010. ROSE WHITE v Leeds Gender Clinic
I have filed documents with the European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg,
France proving massive violations of my Human Rights in connection with my
changing sex by Leeds Gender Identity Service.
When it finally happens my sex change will have been the most expensive Maleto-
Female sex change ever done in Britain.
The final shock that compelled me to file the claim was being told by the urological surgeon that due to being held back for surgery too long my male genitals ahd shrunk so much that he was unable to make me a vagina.
Since 2004 my attempt to change sex has needed incalculable hours of doctor's
and clinicians' times, thousands of pounds of prescriptions, numerous in- and out-patient
visits and assessments with consequent paper trails and has left me dependent on strong
psychotic drugs to get through each day and manage a few hours sleep each night.
It has been a personal and ongoing nightmare, a disgrace for Leeds Gender Clinic, and
a scandalous waste of money for the NHS.
I have asked for punitive damages to reflect the abysmal treatment I had had to
endure from Leeds Gender Clinic which all stem from the fact that at my first
appointment with Dr Beaini he deliberately labelled me mentally unstable just because I
a happy nicely dressed woman so upset his Arab machismo by arguing with him that
the moment I left after saying a cheery 'Goodbye see you in two week' he immediately
wrote 'serious doubts about her mental stability' on my file! This is such a lack of
perception and judgement that I have to ask the ECHR to rule on it and his ability to
work with transsexuals.
To illustrate how little he understands transsexuals I was amazed in April 2009 to see
his surprise at my saying that someone claiming to be a woman trapped in a man's body
would have female body and face language as well as feeling the need to appear as
female as possible that was like a EUREKA! moment to him and showed me he has
little grasp of transsexualism.
Sex change in Britain has to follow the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care but
from start to finish the only following of those standards has been done by myself while
Bradford NHS, Leeds Gender Clinic and Calderdale NHS have all thumbed their noses
at the HBSoC, at my Human Rights and at all NHS Guidelines for Sex Change or 18
Weeks target.
For almost six years I am the only one to follow the Harry Benjamin Standards
to the letter. All the many doctors, psychiatrists, therapists and surgeons I have been
involved with have the excuse of never having had a transsexual patient prior to me but
Beaini, Hynes, Walkinshaw and the rest of the gang at Leeds Gender Identity Service do
not have that excuse but have shown a disgraceful contempt for the Harry Benjamin
Standards and my medical needs.
For these reasons I am compelled to ask the European Court of Human Rights to
rule on numerous violations of my Human Rights as well as many instances of Clinical
Negligence and failure to follow the NHS Constitution.
The documents I have filed with the European Court of Human Rights show in
chronological order the number and extent of the violations from 14 December 2004 to
13 March 2010.
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