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Transforming malls for the digital age

Press Release: September 10, 2019

Malls today face a universal truth: change or die. As online shopping continues to grow, another 75,000 stores could be lost by 2026, says investment bank UBS. Mall owners and operators needs to discover what it takes to redevelop a mall for the next generation of shoppers.

“Shopping Malls Aren't Dying - They're Evolving.” -Steven BERVOETS, Head of Shopping Center Management, CBRE, Belgium

Trueventus, will be hosting the 10 th Annual Shopping Malls Conference at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel on the 1st and 2nd April 2020. Renowned experts across the region will be providing informative and interactive discussions on solidifying industry’s threats by indulging in some comprehensive 3-stream sessions.

The 10 th Annual Shopping Malls Conference is designed to offer invaluable advice and discussion on :-

1. Supercharge omnichannel partnerships between malls and retailers.
2. Transforming Malls to Family Entertainment Centres and Social Engagement Centres
3. Phygital Retail- bringing together online and brick-and-mortar stores.
4. The evolution of Retail 5.0
5. The future of Experiential Retail
6. Deep dive into the latest trends in Tenancy Agreements
7. Learn how to leverage and monetise data from your footfall and retailers.
8. Take advantage of the latest tech trends such as E-wallets, Chatbots, AR and Facial Recognition
9. Latest’s Trends on Mall redevelopment

During this intensive 2-day conference, delegates and speakers will connect with global trendsetters in the industry.

Exciting new additions have been made to the conference that will ensure it has even greater appeal to the key players in the industry. Look forward to the upcoming 2nd Annual Facial Recognition Summit at Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore on the 1st - 2nd April 2020 and engage in an all-exclusive site tour, uncover case-studies from reputable speakers

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