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Press Release: May 09, 2017

When we think about trade.Berry, we actually think about its community. Social trading platform for Traders, Analysts, Introducers and Networkers - all of them gathered in the same place, not by accident, but driven by the same passion and goals as yours: trading the financial markets.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, whether you are passionate about trading financial products or enjoy analysing the markets, whether you have an analytical mind or editorial skills… trade.Berry has a place for you!

This is an exclusive trading community, where you can join by invitation only. Real users, no fake accounts, no robots, no false promises. Because Sales-AM is the first and only informational HUB for trade.Berry community, for you, we open the gates to a professional and 100% transparent environment of trade.Berry, where trading is easier than ever before! You can ask for a demo account invitation on www.sales-am.com and enjoy social trading as it was supposed to be from the beginning!

Make friends, share opinions, check analysis and strategies, copy trades and let others copy yours in exchange for a negotiated commission. As an active member, you are able to join the Rebate Plan of trade.Berry and start earning up to 70% from spread commission. In simple words, every member can grow a business for himself. And yes, it is about so much more than these…

If you are a Trader

You can choose between currency pairs, commodities, stocks, indices and money market instruments, all quoted at amazingly fast interbank and exchange prices. Share your strategies or your activity and start to trade with real people in your area or anywhere on the planet. Negotiate for copying other trades or for letting them copy yours and so, everybody can benefit.

If you are an Analyst

Broadcast your fundamental or technical analysis to a wide audience, become visible to the media, establish collaborations, get to meet other analysts from around the world, exchange ideas, get into debates. Leverage your exposure with trade.Berry's built-in social media connectors. Link your trade.Berry account to other social network and spread your work in real time with not even a touch of a button.

If you are an Introducer

Forget about conflict of interest, aggressive sales and broken promises with your customers. As a professional, you no longer have to look and pay for various sources to stay informed either on the markets, on the customer’s behaviour or sales techniques. Actually, you no longer have to do a lot of things other than really focus on your business, expanding your network globally with virtually no cost.

If you are a Networker

You will introduce your connections to a prestigious field that most of them were always watching from the side without the courage to approach. Your product now has a high income potential from a small number of customers, and you can not only sell it, but also use it. You are about to enter a world so dynamic, you will hardly remember life before it. And in the process, you generate income.

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