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Press Release: September 28, 2015

Webguruz and UKTS England are proud to launch a groundbreaking initiative to help treat and track Thalassaemia and improve access to by unveiling the first ever Web App called trackurhealth.co.uk and very soon coming iPhone App as well.
The trackurhealth App will give you 24/7 access to a proven track record of effectiveness in improving Thalassaemics' health outcomes. In the big world of technology, this app is designed by professional imbibing personal experiences and following the advice of patients, UKTS's experienced board members, IT experts from Webguruz and their links. Whether you are a parent or patient yourself, studying your own health progression will be a click away.
Our own efforts will be enhanced by technology and its ability to connect us with the right treatment in a more personalized and accessible way. Increasing access to digital services which support those suffering with difficulties occurring due to Thalassaemia will help people get the right care, at the right time. As with your permission your doctor or your own loved ones could be connected and contacted through this app.
Following are few important things patient or doctor can do with the help of the App:
1. http://trackurhealth.co.uk/Files/Patient%20Sitemap.pdf
2. http://trackurhealth.co.uk/Files/Doctor%20Sitemap.pdf

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