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Tough road ahead for UK mobile phone broadband network

Press Release: April 06, 2010

April is being seen as the month of a great launch of many Android powered mobile phones. All the leading network operators including T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile and O2 are busy with their new line of high end phones. So, things were just going great for the UK phone users. But, the possible delay in the plans to liberalize the airwaves seem to create jitters amongst all mobile players.

Now, the problem is not just limited to the phone companies and operators, it is the smartphone users who will be the worst hit. If things do not take the right shape in the coming few days, iPhone and Blackberry smartphone owners may find themselves pulling their hairs as the web access through mobile broadband may come to a halt. Now, this is certainly not a good sign and not a thing acceptable for today's tech-savvy phone users across the UK.

What's more, this week's expected call of a General Election may also come as a headache for Orange and T-Mobile which recently merged. Things are sounding disappointing, however the overall picture will be clearer only in the coming days.

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