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Toshiba 52 XV 555 D review published by Televisions.com

Press Release: January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010 - In a review published today, Televisions.com describes its detailed evaluation of the Toshiba 52 XV 555 D. This Full HD LCD TV scored 6.3 out of 10 points. A combination of in-depth laboratory measurements and an expert eye for subjective picture-quality evaluation allows Televisions.com to produce reliable, detailed analyzes of a TVs performance. Praise for the Toshiba stems largely from its cheap-and-cheerful LCD screen - the review explains that the bright picture will suit typical living rooms and that the fair price means the TV is accessible to a wide range of buyers. But one reviewer said: This is the stuff of picture-perfectionists nightmares. The motion depiction, contrast ratio, and 24p playback all fall short of true home-cinema standards.

But the review explains that the Toshiba isnt all bad. Televisions.com praises, for example, the detailed picture-adjustment settings, functional remote control, and correct automatic channel-sorting. The TVs bright pictures in daylight also impressed the reviewers, as did the high level of detail in Blu-ray films. Theres real criticism, however, for the lack of features such as a swivel stand or universal tuner.

The reviewer also points out some quirks in the devices operation: For example, the TV switches out of its Exact Scan picture-format setting whenever the HDMI signal is interrupted - such as during disc changing. Viewing-angle dependence, a persistent lilac tint, and line-flicker in Scart signals all draw yet more disapproval from Televisions.com. All-in-all, the TV gets an average write-up, but Florian Friedrich, Televisions.coms head tester and editor-in-chief, said: There are many significantly better screens on the market -both LCDs and plasmas - which also often provide a better set of features.

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