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Top TEFL Certification Courses in Chennai | Henry Harvin Education

Press Release: September 15, 2020

TEFL is a phrase for Teaching the English language as a Foreign Language. After TEFL Qualification course you obtain a professional opportunity for educating English abroad in every corner of the world to native and fluent English speakers.

Other related courses to teaching English are:

TESOL- Teaching of English to Speakers of Other languages
TESL- Teaching English as a Second Language
CELTA-Certificate in the English Language to Adults
Before you choose to study the greatest TEFL Online Certification programs, it is vital to understand the critical difference between TESOL, TESL and TEFL courses a these all be able to provide you for the diverse conditions to teach. Select the course based on your goals plus understanding the difference because the TESOL program can help you if you are interested in teaching English to native and non-native speakers. TESL course will help you if you plan to teach English in a native speaking Country. TEFL course will help you if you plan to teach English in a non-native country.

Beneficial of the TEFL Certification Course
This course is for you if you have a motivation to teach and want to travel places too. It is a complete package which helps you to increase your present job profile too. Better pay is the first benefit of doing this course, it helps you reach a higher bracket pay scale as you attain the certificate.

You can not only opt for better jobs in your own country but jobs are available Internationally too. It is better to go through International teaching agencies that will help you with the necessary paperwork. They not only help in-flight payments it arrange in housing too.

Best TEFL Certification Course in Chennai
Chennai is known as the 'Gateway of India'. It has several historic landmarks and buildings. It is a place to visit ancient temples and rock cravings. It has sparkling sunny weather all year round. The city is one of the best centres for finishing the TEFL Course with many opportunities.

Henry Harvin TEFL Certification Course

Henry Harvin is one of the most trusted institutions. The TEFL course helps you clear the exam in the first attempt. It will help you to understand the basic problems faced in teaching English to non- English speakers. It will also help you to evolve and enhance your confidence in class. The highlights of taking a course from Henry Harvin are:

It is available online to help you take the course in the comfort of your home.
It helps you gain an in-depth understanding of learner’s psychology.
You can create unique and original lesson plans.
The course has the highest degree of accreditation from AAEFL recognised globally.
After each topic, a small assessment is conducted to judge the understanding of that particular module. To earn a higher salary than your counterparts.

Availability of the course is:

As a weekend course
On a part-time basis
Through regionally accredited colleges and universities
Course Duration- 120 hours

Course fees- $299

To check out more about the TEFL certification, visit the website of Henry Harvin.

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