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Press Release: June 13, 2020

Sales training in Pune is crucial to help sales professionals perform well to compete with the global professional standards here. Employees too want to deliver their best results but they need guidance and learning at the right time. Without these, they lose motivation and drive, without performing to their potential. Yatharth Marketing is one of the top-rated sales training companies in Pune and has now launched online sales training programs to help sales professionals achieve better results for their organizations.


Yatharth Marketing, led by Mihir Shah delivers new-age sales training for the current and future market requirements. At Yatharth Marketing, the trainers understand the fundamental shift in customer behavior and digital lifestyle preferences for the customer of today. Sales training in Pune has unfortunately been unable to keep up with the shifts, and many still follow traditional training methods that are no longer relevant. Sales training companies in Pune are still catching up on how training is delivered across the world. Especially in these times of Covid-19, when a public gathering is still considered risky, online sales training programs are the answer. But it is not enough to have trainers conduct video calls or show pre-recorded content. This is where Yatharth Marketing’s online sales training programs score ahead in terms of delivery and content. Yatharth Marketing offers comprehensive online sales training solutions for corporate clients in Pune to empower your employees with market awareness, the business, and the best ways to be effective in selling.


At Yatharth Marketing, trainers understand the importance of traditional fundamentals for successful sales such as responsibility, accountability, commitment, and drive for success. They reiterate the values that will deliver consistently better results for the organization and for the individuals. Technology is leveraged for the best online sales training programs in Pune.


When it comes to extremely competitive markets like Pune, Yatharth Marketing has become one of Pune’s top-rated sales training due to:

  1. Depth and breadth of training – they offer complete sales process training for all stages including planning, implementation, and sales closures
  2. Leveraging technology for training courses, methods, applications – Yatharth Marketing’s sales training covers research-based theories and practical knowledge skills to ensure your sales professionals understand and improve their approach
  3. Customized training – sales training companies in Pune seem to usually deliver the same training for all clients. Yatharth Marketing, on the other hand, has been appreciated by national and global forums for tailoring their training as per requirements.


Sales are the fundamental measure of any company’s success. No doubt, there will be numerous methods of closing deals and achieving sales. But they are all usually built on the standards such as cold calling/ warm calling, soft skills, better communication, email and phone conversation skills, door-to-door sales, team management, leadership, and others. Especially in these social distancing times, sales professionals have to be adept at these skills to outperform the competition. Yatharth Marketing trainers cover in-depth on how to generate leads, how to discuss and negotiate with different levels of management, and even the best practices for B2B sales. The art of closing the deal is a crucial skill that Yatharth Marketing trainers will focus on.


Anyone can learn the art of sales, but it takes time, effort, and guidance to be actually effective at it. Yatharth Marketing online sales training programs help your employees plan properly and achieve greater success in sales. For example, in this digital age, social media and digital media is an important channel which salespeople have to leverage efficiently because when used properly, it can yield rich dividends.


There are various options for sales training in Pune. But Yatharth Marketing has made a name for themselves due to their professional approach and their ability to customize their training for their clients. Mihir Shah says, “We are happy to be recognized as one of the top sales training companies in Pune. This is due to our exemplary work with several top companies in the financial capital of India. We firmly believe that with well-designed training, employees in all organizations can perform better and be empowered to achieve a lot of results faster.”


Truly, if you are looking for online sales training programs in Pune, you should speak to Yatharth Marketing right away!


About Yatharth Marketing Solutions:

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