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Press Release: May 18, 2020

The MBA Program follows the Semester System pattern and offers Specializations in the area of Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, and Operations and is based on the Choice Based Credit System. Apart from Classroom learning, Value Added Courses, Enhancement Programmes, and Study Tours are regularly conducted to enhance the student understanding of the real-world situations and practices in the field of Management.

Academic Program is holistic and the pedagogy involves, Group Discussions, Case Studies, Simulations, Lab Tutorials, Seminars, and Workshops, along with Eight-Week intensive Summer Internship Programme. The distinctive quality of learning at SIBM-H is its Industry-Academia interface; wherein Experts from the Industry/Corporates participate in Curriculum Design, facilitating experiential learning through knowledge sharing as Guest Speakers which give firsthand account of the ever-changing business environment and prepare the students to become competent, responsible and innovative professionals.

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