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Top Industries That Use Terminal Blocks

Press Release: October 07, 2020

Also called connection terminal or terminal connector, terminal blocks are modular blocks used to secure multiple wires. Terminal blocks are used by various industries.  Elmex as a leading electrical panel manufacturer in Vadodara manufactures and supplies different kinds of terminal blocks. To name a few such types of terminal blocks are cage clamp type terminal blocks, screw clamp terminal blocks, spring clamp terminal blocks and so on. Elmex terminal is one of the best ranked terminal block suppliers to many industries.

In this blog post, Elmex lists top industries that use terminal blocks and are catered by them:

Connectivity Solutions

Elmex terminal blocks are widely used for connectivity solutions such as feed through circuits, earthing connection, test disconnect and fuse protection functions. Popular terminal blocks used for connectivity solutions are push, screw clamp and spring clamp type. All Elmex terminal blocks support both high and low current applications.

Solar Energy Sector

Elmex offers solar connectors and solar junction boxes. Solar connectors and solar junction boxes are used for solar photovoltaic applications. For all solar connectors and solar junction boxes, Elmex adheres to an indigenous design that meets the futuristic demands of the solar energy sector.

Elmex is a brass terminal manufacturer in India.

Electrical Industry

For the electric industry, Elmex offers low voltage current transformers. Elmex low voltage current transformers have polycarbonate casing that supports metering and protection applications of the electrical industry. In India, Elmex is one of the first companies to launch current transformers.

Control and Instrumentation

Elmex relay terminal units, interface modules, relay terminal units, icontrol terminal blocks, termiltronix control elements for the Control and Instrumentation applications. Elmex solutions for control and instrumentation applications allow modification and add-on even during the service.

Elmex has been catering the control and instrumentation industry for long now.

Elmex has records of catering Indian railways. For railways, Elmex manufactures and supplies electrical connections that are tested for electrical, mechanical, thermal, vibration and climatic test before delivery.

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