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Top Detectives debate role of analysis in crime investigations

Press Release: December 11, 2009

Some of the country's top detectives and crime analysts will be speaking at an analysis conference being hosted by The Investigator magazine (www.the-investigator.co.uk)

Practical Analysis for Investigators will see an impressive line-up of speakers give presentations based on cases including the Christopher Foster double murder, arson and suicide case; Operation Harlem a Hampshire case into distraction burglars as well as a focus on how analysis was used in an indecent exposure case.

Other experts from the FBI and National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) will also be among the speakers.

The conference is being held on 23 February at West Midlands Police Learning and Development Resource Centre Tally Ho!

It is the latest in a series of conferences by the Investigator magazine (www.the-investigator.co.uk) which is the UKs only online magazine devoted to best practice around criminal investigations.
Analysis is now a vital part of major crime investigations and the role of the analyst has become integral to the workings of Major Incident Teams, explained Investigator editor Carol Jenkins (carol@the-investigator.co.uk)

This conference will demonstrate the value that analysis and analysts can play in major crime investigations with a mix of best practice and case studies from SIOs and analysts who have worked on some of the most recent crime cases.

The conference is aimed at investigators of all levels as well as analysts and will provide a rare opportunity for both professional groups to meet and debate the issues surrounding this vital area of policing.

Full list of speakers includes:

Neil Trainor, Senior Geographic Profiler for the National Policing Improvement Agency how an offender can be identified through the use of geographic profiling as an analytical tool.

Mark Ploszay Senior Intelligence Analyst West Mercia Police: Operation Feedback use of analysis in the Christopher Foster double murder, arson and suicide case.

A Senior FBI analyst: an insight into how analysis furthers investigations into American suspects in the UK.

DI Dan Hope and an analyst from Hampshire Police: Operation Harlem - a series of distraction burglaries that took place across 12 force areas that used analysis of modus operandi, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), and telephone evidence.

DCI Neil Jamieson, Head of CID West Mercia Police: Operation Teal, a double murder case that used live analysis of telecoms data to track the movements of the suspect.

Analyst Ian Bentley and Intelligence officer Jayne MacVicar from Staffordshire Police: how geographic and temporal analysis considered the routine activity theory of a series of indecent exposures.

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