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Top App Creators Announces Its Top 10 Big Data Companies for September 2020

Press Release: September 25, 2020

New York, NY, United States, September 25, 2020 -- Top App Creators puts to the forefront the 10 Big Data companies it deems as the best ones currently in operation. A host of criteria were considered before TAC made its list public via its blog. These are namely the companies’ expertise in AI development, general feedback, the extent of experience in the IT field, and online reputation. 


The companies recognized for their stellar work in the Big Data field are as follows:


  1. Jelvix
  2. Loginworks Softwares Inc
  3. GetInData
  4. Beyond the Arc
  5. Light IT
  6. Trianz
  8. cBEYONData
  9. Indium Software
  10. Oxagile

That Top App Creators looked at AI development expertise as a criterion is not surprising as Big Data is naturally tied to the said technology. Big Data can only be put to good use with the appropriate technology and data-driven AI has been found to be one of the best premium technologies that can do so. 

As a result, TAC looked at how efficiently and skillfully the companies handled and processed Big Data via its ability to harness AI or knowledge of data analytics. Of course, that’s just one primary benchmark used. The company’s focus on rendering high-quality data services are looked at as well. 

Very few companies can boast of specializing in Big Data, so it’s not surprising that the majority included in the list have a clear focus on providing topnotch data analytics and other data-related services. 

The list provides a brief background of each company, which has all the liberty in the world to choose to decide what to include in its listing. Some opt to list its achievements, years of experience, and size, while others showcase their specializations and specific strategies they adopt. Nonetheless, the rates of each company, number of employees, location, and year of founding are all equally displayed for interested visitors to see. 

TAC adheres to a setlist of criteria when deciding which companies it deems worthy to include in its list of best Big Data companies and other categories. You only need to go to their website to see the said requirements should you be interested in submitting your company. 

Plenty of benefits await those included for the platform highlights all the services and plus points of the companies it chooses to add to its “Best of” lists. Users can browse through numerous categories that represent the major subfields of IT and mobile app development on the website. 

Of course, the benefits go both ways because companies will be able to attract clients, people, and organizations who, in turn, are looking for organizations that would suit their requirements, may they be pertaining to budget, expertise, or reputation. 

About Top App Creators: Top App Creators is a New York-based listing service that caters to promising and excellent IT companies truly worthy of recognition. It has tasked itself with the responsibility of bridging people to tech companies that will be able to meet their particular app development project requirements by showcasing the best of what they have to offer. Its active blog regularly releases the said lists mostly on a monthly basis through its website, www.topappcreators.com.

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