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Top 7 Safety Tips to Protect Your Webbing Sling by Bishop Lifting

Press Release: January 29, 2021

29 Jan 2021, Cardiff, UK: Webbing slings are mostly used to lift heavy-duty equipment and objects. They are light in weight yet very strong to lift heavy equipment. There are certain precautions required to be taken while using webbing slings. 
Webbing slings are flat straps made up of polyester material. They are adaptable and versatile. They can be easily wrapped around the cumbersome objects, loads and equipment. Hence making them suitable for lifting weights rather than other material such as wire rope, etc.
The proper and timely maintenance of these types of equipment are necessary to ensure safety. Bishop is a quality supplier of lifting equipment like fall arrest harness, toe-jack shackles, etc. Bishop has provided certain tips through which webbing slings life can be increased. Below we are sharing tips that must be followed. Read below points cautiously.
  1. The slings should not be rubbed across the harsh surface and sharp objects or corners.
  2. The connection of the slings should be checked properly before lifting heavy-duty weight.
  3. The operator should first determine the weight of the load. Accordingly, the capacity of the webbing sling should be decided. If the load heavier than the capacity of the webbing sling is lifted then there is a chance of breakage that may lead to a severe accident.
  4. The webbing slings should be crossed or twisted while lifting weight. 
  5. One of the effective ways to protect webbing slings is by covering them with protective sleeves. These protective sleeves are the best way to protect slings from external dirt, particles and abrasion. 
  6. The webbing sling must be properly checked before lifting a heavy object. Webbing sling should not have any cut, hole, or stitching.
  7. The length of the webbing sling should not be increased or decreased by tying knots. As these knots can be opened through the pressure of heavyweight. 
Final thoughts 

The worker must follow all the precautions and safety tips while lifting heavy objects. Bishop is a quality supplier which provide complete lifting solutions to its customers. They have more than thirty eighty years of experience in supplying quality lifting equipment. 

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