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Top 5 Ways How WISE Can Benefit Your Investment

Press Release: July 18, 2020

When planning to invest in a product, you need to consider a lot of things, including the risks associated with that investment, market value, scope, profitability, flexibility, etc. 

Depending on which of these factors matter for you the most, you can invest in anything, from property to bonds to stocks. And if you’re looking for all the benefits in one place, you can invest in cryptocurrencies.

Investing in cryptocurrencies in any way, whether through trading, mining or staking, is more profitable compared to traditional investments. At the same time, investing in a new crypto project can be even more beneficial than becoming a part of an old, high-competition project.

For instance, WISE is a relatively new project that offers better flexibility, profitability and liquidity than most other investment options in the market. WISE Staking is easy and convenient and lets you earn significant interest on your money without much effort.


Here are some other reasons why staking in WISE can benefit you

Low Competition

Existing crypto projects that have been running for many years might be trustworthy, but they are likely to already have so much competition that you won’t get a chance to make any profits. For instance, bitcoin mining is so very populated that most small-time or newbie miners end up making no profits at all.

WISE Staking on the other hand is a new project with low competition (as of now) and gives a better opportunity to early investors.


WISE Staking is affordable and highly profitable. You don’t need to pay a huge fee or spend a lot of money on buying heavy-duty equipment in order to get started with WISE. You can simply invest your funds and start earning interest from them. 

The more tokens you reserve, the more interest you can earn with WISE. The platform does not charge a fee of any kind.

Early Bird Offers

WISE offers many interesting deals and benefits to the earlier investors. For one, the early stakers in WISE will get the best returns, as the share price will increase with time and the early stakers will get more shares for the same amount of WISE. 

Also, you get a 15% increase in your share value/price if you open your WISE stake on the first or second day of the Circulation Epoch.

High Flexibility

At the same time, WISE gives you huge flexibility in terms of the ability to withdraw your funds. Stakers can withdraw their interest at any time and multiple times during the period of stake for a zero fee. No penalty or fee is charged on an early withdrawal of the interest. 

Also, you can close your stake in case you need the funds before the stake is mature, but you’ll have to pay a penalty on the principal amount.

Referral Program

To ensure there is sufficient liquidity in WISE, the contract incentivizes users to refer more people to send ETH into the Liquidity Transformer. You can get up to 10% bonus shares by referring a person to join and open a stake in WISE.

To know more about WISE and how you can benefit from opening stakes in WISE, read the project teal (whitepaper).

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