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Top 100 Ranking MLM Companies

Press Release: March 23, 2021

What are these MLM Companies? And what strategies do they adopt to get higher revenues which distinguish them from conventional marketing and selling companies?

What are the factors which lead them to the “Top 100 Ranking MLM Companies list” and how are they maintaining their position among the Top MLM companies years after years?

These might be some of the questions which occur to you when thinking about MLM companies. So, you have come to the right place where we are going to explain all these factors one by one with comprehensive answers.

You will be entertained with the following points

· What are these MLM companies?
· Strategies adopted by Network marketing companies to get high-end revenues
· Role of MLM software companies to boost sales of MLM companies
· A list of “Top Ranking 100 MLM companies of 2019”
What are these MLM Companies?

MLM companies adopt a direct-selling method where the companies direct their sales in a non-retail environment. They gain the customer’s trust by selling to their doorsteps, offices or any other non-store location. A company representative or a distributor contact them and directly sells some products on behalf of the company where there is no role of middleman, and therefore, there is no cutting short of the price of the product.

Strategies adopted by Network Marketing Companies:

Network marketing companies excel their business in a friendly and technique-oriented method where they focus on creating trust and value to build a long-term relationship with their customers.

· They provide free samples to their customers so they could try the product before buying. This strategy of free sampling is very effective in direct sale as people feel free to try new products and buy them according to their taste.
· Email-marketing is another very effective tool, which enables your customers to directly contact the company for their problem. Email is also important for sending information regarding new launches. Sales and new offers are commonly sent to the customers in an appealing way so that they are informed on time about the upcoming events and new launches.
· Social media is one of the cutting-edge tools that are employed by these Network Marketing companies where their representatives can contact their friends and family members by creating high-end product photos and updates about coming events.
· Social media is one of the cutting-edge tools that are employed by these Network Marketing companies where their representatives can contact their friends and family members by creating high-end product photos and updates about coming events.
· They create a bond between a representative and a customer by making every single customer as valuable as a family member, so this connection builds a strong bond of trust between them and they nurture a strong relationship afterward.
Role of MLM Software Companies to boost sales of MLM Companies:

To gain exposure and sell products in a dynamic way, MLM Software Companies play a major role to boost the economic strength of the MLM Company. They offer their services by creating a highly competitive yet appealing software. They build it according to the need of the companies to keep pace along with the competing industry.

Elite MLM Software is one of the leading MLM software companies. The company provides services to get exposure to the top MLM companies. You can visit their website where they offer a customized plan according to your budget. They also offer a free demo to elaborate on their plans.

So, you must have understood the working of Top MLM companies. How they empower their growth and what workforce do they have to get their desired revenue.

Now it’s time to get a glance at a List of Top 100 MLM Companies. Although it’s not an easy task to shortlist all the top MLM companies of 2019, there are a lot of factors which need to be taken under consideration, but we have made it easy for you to get the list of top MLM companies of 2019.

List of Top 100 MLM Companies:

Let’s get down to finally listing the top players—not a simple task to determine. There are loads of factors which distinguish them from one another. The competition is tough as new companies are emerging and breaking new grounds to achieve the top position. Some of these are as follows:

· It can be their workforce or a sharp growth of customer base.
· The parameters that they set in place to promote fast growth over the economic year.
· It can be in terms of revenue growth over the last period.
· Popularity; one of the main reason as people tend to trust well-renowned brands more.
· Geographic expansion of the MLM Company. The company who is maintaining a good record of customers and also the credibility of their brand tends to expand their business worldwide by using their network force.
· New product launch: this is one of the great reasons to collect high revenue as the companies initiate research to find out what are the latest trends which drive people to buy a new product.
There can be several other factors too, but the key-benchmark we used is Revenue growth over the last period. It’s a daunting task to gather all the information but here you go!


When it comes to gathering information to pin down the top MLM Company, there is a huge list of factors which lead them to get the top position in world’s Top MLM companies’ list.

We have discussed the factors that hold a core position in determining their growth over the previous years.

The above-mentioned list of Top 100 Network Marketing Companies 2019 is solely based on revenue collection over the past year.

However, this is just one factor. It is important to understand that a balanced combination of all the aforementioned factors should be taken into account to assess the growth of a particular MLM Company over the last term.

The good thing is that these companies are rapidly growing in terms of revenues because they are selling their products successively and therefore, generating a steady income for their marketing personnel.

Moreover, we also discussed how an MLM Software Company can play a role in promoting MLM companies’ business.

Finally, it’s up to you on how you analyse the top MLM Company’s growth and whether you wish to join them or invest in them in the future.

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