Press Release: February 18, 2010

The UKs leading second hand community site www.preloved.co.uk asked 987 people across the UK if they are giving anything up for 40 days and nights in relation to the Christian tradition Lent.

Of those asked, 45% of people said that they are giving up something for Lent. The top 10 things people will abstain from are:

1. Chocolate - 43%

2. Sex 36%

3. Cigarettes 34%

4. Caffeine 29%

5. Social networking 20%

6. Alcohol - 20%

7. Fake tan 16%

8. Texting 12%

9. Sugar 10%

10. Swearing 6%

Only 18% will stay committed to the decision for the whole of the Lent celebration. 63% will give up and indulge before they reach the half way mark, and 11% will give up after 7 days.

15% of those polled were not aware of Lent whilst 26% have never given anything up, in relation to Lent; 86% said they had eaten pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, traditionally eaten to clear the kitchen cupboards in preparation for Ash Wednesday.

A fifth, 21% of people are said to be giving up social networking because they feel it is getting out of control with 79% of people blaming sites such as Facebook and MySpace for their lack of social interaction.

Ian Buzer, founder of www.preloved.co.uk, had the following to say:

Giving things up for 40 days and 40 nights will be a lot harder than what people will think at first. I am not surprised that 11% will give up after the first week, once that weekend hits giving up things like sex, alcohol and cigarettes will become a real challenge.

He continues:

Some of the things that people are opting to give up for 40 days and nights are amusing, but the whole point is for it to be a challenge. I imagine there are lots of women who would struggle without their fake tan!


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Notes to editors

Preloved was founded in 1998 and has grown to become one of the largest classified ads sites in the UK, with hundreds of thousands of second hand items for sale as well as thousands of product reviews and a highly populated and active forum.

The site prides itself on the fact that all private ads are completely free to post including a photo, with absolutely no listing fees, no selling fees and no catches, giving sellers and credit-crunched Brits a free and simple way of clearing their clutter. Popular sections on the site include; but are not limited to, baby clothes and equipment, childrens toys, furniture, vehicles, caravans and wedding dresses.

Notes to editors

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