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Top 10 stores at Voucherdigger.co.uk

Press Release: March 18, 2010

It is a passion followed by the portal Voucher Digger to screen and pick out the top online retailers of every week in regards to exclusivity of the offers. Then process makes them stand out as top 10 money saving discount code. This is an appreciably practical way to draw attention of the shoppers fast to go for the type of merchandise they are looking for.

Conventional process of saving money with discount codes seems to become practical for the regular shoppers due to their familiarity with most of these online stores. However, by and large, a shopper can expect to get most of the merchandise are covered by the retailers listed in tops.

Online store: Tesco.com
Offers: Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls: Moving Day Save 25%; Save £7.00 (35%) Allotment Book: Seasonal Planner and Cookbook
Expiry date: Both ongoing
Link: http://www.voucherdigger.co.uk/discounts/tesco-com/2

Online store: Comet
Offers: Free Delivery on ALL great GPS Navigation units; save up to £30 on selected top brand refrigeration products
Expiry date: Both ongoing
Link: http://www.voucherdigger.co.uk/discounts/comet/

Online store: O2
Offers: 200 free web texts per month with O2 Premium Home Broadband; Get a free Samsung laptop with O2 Mobile broadband
Expiry date: Both ongoing
Link: http://www.voucherdigger.co.uk/discounts/o2/3

Online store: Amazon.co.uk
Offer: Vax V-028 Rapide Power Jet Pro Carpet Washer, save 31%
Expiry date: Ongoing
Link: http://www.voucherdigger.co.uk/codes/vax-v-028-rapide-power-jet-pro-carpet-washer-0-off/2676

Online store: Dixons
Offer: 63% off 24 - Season 6 [Box Set] DVD
Expiry date: Ongoing
Link: http://www.voucherdigger.co.uk/codes/28-off-24-season-6-box-set-dvd-on-dixons/1009

Online store: Asda
Offer: 36% off -- Lupe Fiasco - The Cool- Free Delivery
Expiry date: Ongoing
Link: http://www.voucherdigger.co.uk/codes/42-off-lupe-fiasco-the-cool-free-delivery/4932

Online store: Currys
Offer: Save up to £300 in store on LG TV
Expiry date: Ongoing
Link: http://www.voucherdigger.co.uk/codes/save-up-to-00-in-store-on-lg-tv-from-currys/259

Online store: Boots.com
Offers: Save 20% on selected Healthcare; Graco Logico L Car Seat Black Jack save £14.00
Expiry date: Ongoing
Link: http://www.voucherdigger.co.uk/vouchers/boots-com

Online store: Bennetts Electrical
Offer: Bargain price on Zanussi ZDF511S dishwasher
Expiry date: Ongoing
Link: http://www.voucherdigger.co.uk/codes/bargain-price-zanussi-zdf511s-dishwasher/10237

Online store: PLAY.com
Offers: Samsung 37in LE37R87BDX/XEU HD, ready freeview, Widescreen LCD TV, save: 13%
Expiry date: Ongoing
Link: http://www.voucherdigger.co.uk/vouchers/play-com

All online retailers listed under the top 10 stores for the week are outstanding online retailers, even many of them having chain of retail outlets across the country. This system acts like a short cut people are used to on the computers and mobile phones known appropriately as the shot cut menu for discount codes of choice merchandise.

It is an open arena for the pleasure of enjoying the convenience of online shopping with speed in locating offers and saving money. A visit at http://www.voucherdigger.co.uk/ will reveal the real charm of online shopping.

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