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Top 10 reasons to get a UK Visa.

Press Release: March 12, 2010

1. Diversity
Come to the UK to study, work, to visit or live. Youre not alone. According to the National Office of Statistics, 42% of Londons population are non white British and one third of all Londoners were born outside the UK. If you want a UK Citizenship, you will come to a country tolerant of other cultures and faiths.

2. Sport
The UK Premiership football league has an international presence. Premiership footballers are famous worldwide. You might like a One Stop Visa UK Tourist Visa to see your team live, to take in the Wimbledon tennis tournament, support your country at a cricket test match at Lourdes or come to the 2012 Olympics being held in London. Additionally International Sports people can come to the UK under special arrangements on a One Stop Visa Tier 2 Skilled Sports Worker Visa.

3. Heritage and Culture
Get a One Stop Visa UK Tourist Visa and discover a rich cultural history. Great architecture includes the Royal Family residences, St Pauls Cathedral and the London Eye. Shakespeares birthplace, the Beatles, London Fashion Week, youll find the UK is a mixture of heritage and innovation.

4. Four countries for the price of one
A UK Visa allows you to travel freely between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. For example you can apply for a One Stop Visa Family Visa and visit your Kilt wearing family in Scotland, your rugby playing family in Wales, your Northern Irish family and your British tea drinking family all under one visa. The same is true for a Study Visa and UK Citizenship.

5. Employment
Employment conditions in the UK are excellent with statutory rights for employees and pay and conditions that rival those in Europe and are superior in some sectors, such as medicine, to other parts of the world. There is a variety of One Stop Visa Employment visa to choose from.

6. Business innovations
The UK has a reputation for scientific excellence and invention, quality engineering and manufacture, expertise and commitment to Green innovations, and diverse industries with the possibility of grants and support for investors. Business is in recovery as the UK economy is now out of recession after the global economic crisis. Investors and Entrepreneurs can come to the UK under an Investor visa or an Entrepreneur visa.

7. Free- dom to live
Those who come to live in the UK will benefit from FREE medical care on the NHS, FREE protection from the Fire service and Police and FREE speech in a country that is tolerant of all cultures, faiths and beliefs. And its free to enquire about One Stop Visa UK Citizenship.

Come to the UK and choose what and where you study from a massive range of choices. Every city in the UK has at least one University. Students are permitted to earn on a One Stop Visa study visa. Oxford and Cambridge have international reputations and have produced graduates that include prime ministers, famous scientists and world famous musicians.

9. Fish and Chips with ketchup.

10. The Queen. God bless her.
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