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Top 10 Indian Wedding Games for Couples & Guests

Press Release: June 27, 2019

If we are talking about Indian Wedding then you can say that it is one of the most important and grand events where two love souls and families are getting together. Being a grand event, couples and their families always want to make sure that their guests should be treated best and also they don't feel bored.
Due to that, they organize unique and hep wedding parties to keep their guests entertained. It has been said that having indoor and outdoor games during wedding ceremonies is one of the best ideas to make their guest entertained and energetic.
In fact, Wedding games is a mind-blowing concept the excitement and the energy of wedding celebrations don't dwindle down.
So, if you want to add some of the exciting and entertaining games on your wedding then you are in the right place. We know including specific games are not easy for anyone.
Don't worry, we did this task for you.
We, Bless Our Wedding is the Best Wedding Planner in India provide you the list of top 10 Indian Wedding Games for Couples & Guests.
Paper Dance
Paper Dance is one of the most popular and loved wedding games. In this games, you have to bring the bride, groom and all other couples on the stage or dance floor and give them a piece of paper on which they have to dance till the song or music runs.
The fun is that the paper will be folded after every song. The fun part is the smaller the paper becomes, the closer you get. Couples who continue dancing on the smallest paper will win the game.
Shoe Game
This specific game is played by the bride and groom. In this game, the couple has to sit behind each other in a chair holding one shoe of their partner. Then, they are asked about their relationships to which couple has to reply by raising the shoes for who matches the statements.
Fish the Ring
The most known, common and funny game in the wedding is "Fish the Ring". This is the oldest traditional game and also loved by every couples & family. This game starts with a deep dish of milk & flowers and then a ring is dipped on that dish which both bride and groom have to find at one-one.
Whoever finds the ring and win the game will overpower the other partner and also get the bragging rights.
Spot the Name
Do we really need to introduce this popular traditional wedding game for you? Basically, in this game, the Groom has to find his name in the bride's mehndi. Looks like easy?? It is very difficult to spot out.
If Groom loses, he will accept all the braggings from bride side throughout the wedding life.
That's the deal!!!
Dance Battle
Dancing is the best way to enjoy any occasion and we all know the wedding is incomplete without dance. So having a game with dance is a great idea for everyone. In this game, you have to make two groups, means divide your self in between bride family and groom family, then dance for the songs played. The group which dances for the longest time with dropping any energy will win the game and then choose the bragging whatever want from the opponent.
Giant Snakes and Ladders
There is not a single person who never this game, The Iconic - Snakes and Ladders. We all play it on small boards. But have you ever think about the large board or a floor that have huge Snakes and Ladders printed. Isn't it looks like fun? You just have to roll the dice and start walking as per the dice turns. Let other people take their chances of walking ahead, climbing ladders or bitting by a snake.
Giant Jenga
This a block game in which you have to put as much as block simultaneously one above one and also make sure it won't drop or get destroyed by falling down. Place small blocks on the table and the gigantic blocks in the lawn to make it more exciting.
Beer Pong
This Beer Pong game is presently gaining great hype in wedding game selection. From Pool Parties to sundowners and after parties, this game is the most famous and must to have at your wedding parties. In this game, you can see that there will no loss-loss things, at the end of the game both teams will be in a win-win situation.
Ring Toss
Ring Toss is an interesting and childhood game. We all played it in childhood on the street side. Now, you should try this at your wedding party. Steal small things by tossing correctly on it like drinks, snacks, toys, accessories and many more things.
Cricket Match
This will be the best thing having a cricket game between Bride side and Groom side. It is becoming a huge trend after Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were seeing playing this game on their mehndi ceremony. In fact, you can host an entire match at your wedding party. It will be a lot of fun.

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