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Tooth Whitening Tips and Services Are Available in Preston

Press Release: March 02, 2010

Today many of these tips are being made available from Dr. Nadim Majid, a dentist who works in the Preston area and treats hundreds of customers from across Lancashire. Dr. Majid, who is popularly known as Preston's Life Transformational Dentist, offers a variety of cosmetic dentistry solutions.

One of Dr. Majids most popular and in-demand services is teeth whitening. He understands that many people are uncomfortable when their teeth are discoloured and that having a white smile can be a huge factor in improving ones confidence.

Dr. Majid is highly experienced in his work and widely renowned, having been a certified dentist in the Preston area since 2001. He is supremely adept and confident with his practices; so much so that he is offering a special guarantee for customers. In the event that your tooth whitening procedure leaves you any less than 100% satisfied, you will be offered further treatment with no additional costs whatsoever. This guarantee is not something that is invoked very often, yet it offers superb peace of mind and its another reason why the Preston Life Transformational Dentist tag is so fitting.

An important feature that Dr. Majid promotes is that all teeth whitening services can be handled in his contemporary surgery on the outskirts of Preston without any of his patients having to spend time away from work with flexible weekday and Saturday appointments available. This helps to make these fantastic dental services accessible for people who are on the go and struggle to find time for a typical dental appointment.

His special guide, titled Five Fatal Mistakes Busy Ladies Make When Looking to Have White Teeth, is absolutely free to people who visit his website at preston.freetoothwhiteningguide.com. This online manual, which normally costs £5, offers information on what can be done to improve the colour of your teeth. It works by informing men and women on what they are doing wrong on a daily basis and how they make small changes which ultimately provide huge benefits for their teeth and oral health.

The teeth whitening services that Dr. Nadim Majid is making available to people in the Lancashire area are truly some of the most contemporary and hi-tech solutions in the UK today. All processes come with a full guarantee and special tips you can use to ensure your smile is maximizing its potential.

About Dr. Majid

Dr. Nadim Majid is a professional dentist in the Preston area with various cosmetic dentistry processes. Among the services that are available including teeth whitening and orthodontic processes. All services that are available at Nadims office can be handled without the use of surgical procedures. Dr. Majid is a member of the BDA, BNI and the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce.

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