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Too many 'F' words in your life? Try having 'Fun' instead...

Press Release: June 10, 2017

It seems the world is obsessed with fake news, forecasts and football.....that's a lot of 'F' words in one sentence! There's only one 'F' word that we actively promote at Prestige Affinity, and that's fun.

When you reflect on your careers, or time spent in education, do you smile inside at some of your antics and fond memories? Do you wonder if the big corporate's and Governments of this world quietly and systematically removed that element of fun that we can all remember having, yet don't have any more? Too many of us reflect on the 'good times' and assume that they can't be repeated, which is just sad.....plain old sad.

At Prestige Affinity, we don't believe in any of that nonsense. We believe that hard work, trust and devotion should be celebrated and rewarded in equal measure. That doesn't mean downing copious amounts of over-priced drinks, followed by a curry and waking up in unusual surroundings - these days we like to think we are a tad more sophisticated than that unless, of course, we've just described 'your thing'.

Our members have a permanent smile on their face, in the knowledge that Prestige Affinity do all the hard work for them, and in return they get a wealth of rewards that no other club can or will offer. It might be that they are going to see two heavyweights of rugby knock seven bells out of each other from the luxury and comfort of a box at Twickenham, or they will be taking their grand daughter for the first time to the Royal Ballet - whatever it is our members choose to attend, we know it will be fun.

So what are you going to do about it? Will you wallow in self-pity and continue to believe the fake news, forecasts and watch overpaid footballers roll around on the floor in the hope they deceive the match officials, or will you join Prestige Affinity and get some fun back into your life? It's your choice, of course, but we know which option we prefer.

Check out our website - it's easy - it's our name with .co.uk at the end of it, where you will see the amazing rewards available to you. While there, you might want to read about our First Brick Fund, the only mechanism of it's kind which helps young people get on the property ladder.

Happy reading from the team at Prestige Affinity - the most rewarding club in the World.

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