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ToNewDigital releases UnicornRunner - an English Language Learner App for iOS and Android.

Press Release: January 22, 2017

App aims to engage school kids to accelerate ‘English Grammar Learning’ in a fun way.

Southlake, TX, January 19, 2017 —ToNewDigital has launched a new Mobile App called “Unicorn Runner”, an initiative under e-Learn Assess and Improve program, based on CCSS (Common Core State Standards®) and Big Data Analytics.

UnicornRunner is a fun-education game which combines English Grammar Quizzes and a reward game.

The app tests for important English Vocabulary and Grammar concepts for success in English Language in the early Elementary Grades 2-4. Quizzes cover topic like Prefixes, Suffixes, Base words, Word meanings etc.

Every grade includes 4 levels of quizzes and with each level, user will learn a new concept. Depending upon the proficiency achieved, user will be granted badges. Collecting maximum badges would allow user to redeem it for the Unicorn Runner Game.

“UnicornRunner makes learning English Grammar fun and helps kids grasp the concepts swiftly, making them proficient. ” says Manish Panjwani, CEO of ToNewDigital. “And best of all, the mobile app enables kids to learn at their pace and their convenience”

The Unicorn Runner app features include:

Track Results - Track your progress and how many points are earned.

Timer - Timer in the quiz engages users and challenges them to play faster, developing their cognitive abilities.

Type of question - Fill in The Blanks and Multiple Choice Questions - Choose correct word for the Sentence from the given options.

Learn Suffix and Prefix - Many words are formed with combination of either suffix or prefix. Learn how they change the meaning of word.
Identify base words, prefixes, and suffixes
Determine the meaning of a word with pre-, re-, or mis-
Use the prefixes pre-, re-, and mis-
Determine the meaning of a word with -ful or –less
Determine the meaning of a word with -ly or -ness
Determine the meaning of a word with -able or -ment

Word Meanings - Learn how word meanings change when prefix and suffix are added to different words.

Base Words - Learn base words to improve English Vocabulary.

Different Difficulty level - Difficulty level increases with the each level.

Elementary School Curriculum- The app provides English grammar learning for grades 2-4.

Kids Friendly App - The app is developed keeping light, fast, user friendly design and graphics.

UnicornRunner is available for free to download from Apple App Store
and Google PlayStore

For more information visit: http://tonewdigital.com/tonewdigital-releases-unicornrunner-an-english-language-learner-learning-app-for-ios-and-android/

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