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Today Bidul and Co launches gaming project on crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

Press Release: June 29, 2017

Today Bidul and Co launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting from $39 for the early bird special, X-Wirelesspack is a Qi Wireless Battery for XBox One / One S / One X Gamepad, simplifying the way to play.

X-Wirelesspack is a Qi compatible wireless battery for Xbox One gamepad and a Qi wireless charger. Simply plug the charger into the USB port of the XBox, then insert the battery into the Xbox gamepad (instead of the AA battery). To recharge the battery, simply place the gamepad on the charger.

The charger is Qi compatible, so it can also charge a compatible phone while you are playing.

The battery charge time is one hour, the battery life is 8 hours in game mode and up to one month in standby mode.
Alain Favre, co-founder of Bidul and Co, explains: 'Old gamer, I was often frustrated not to be able to play quickly because no more AA batteries in my gamepad. I have a smartphone compatible with Qi wireless charging and I think it's great. So I had the idea to replace the AA batteries of the gamepad with a battery that can be recharged wirelessly. Some time ago, I developed the same idea for my Apple Magic mouse. Now I have a wireless charger that recharges multiple devices. I think I'm not the only one wanting to simplify my life, which is why I wanted to share my user experience with the Kickstarter community, to help me develop and produce this new battery for gamepad?.

? Battery:
? Charging time: 1 hours.
? Autonomy: 8 hours in gaming mode.
? Autonomy: 1 month in standby mode.
? Input: 5V/800mA.
? Output: 3/2-100mA.
? Receiving power: 5W.
? Receiving Distance: 10mm.

? Charger:
? Input: 5V/2A.
? Output: 5V/1A.
? Transmission Power: 5W.
? Power distance: 10mm.
Led indicator.

About Bidul :
Bidul & Co was founded in May 2011 by three co-founders from the IT industry who worked together for an international company that manufactures and markets optical media and engravers.
The Bidul & Co project is based on the company's ability to study the shortcomings and limitations of smartphones and tablets of different brands, in order to be able to bring its own "accessory products" solutions. In the end, this allows the user to be able to use the optimal performance of the technologies offered by all the brands of the market, thanks to a simple and intuitive use of the accessories offered.
PR Contact:
Twitter: @@afavre_M
Skype: alain-bidul
e-Mail: alain@bidulandco.com

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