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To fight the rising pollution levels: AUZAIR is providing the Australian fresh air in India

Press Release: May 03, 2017

The air pollution levels in India are worsening year over year. According to Global Burden of Disease (GBD) data, PM (2.5) contributed to 4.2 million deaths globally, 52% of which occurred in China and India. In 2015, ground level ozone caused, 106680 deaths in India.
In some metros like Delhi and Kolkata it has been reported that children may face permanent lungs damage due to rising air pollution levels. In the wake of this, an Australian firm AUZAIR is providing the fresh air stored in the bottles. The bottle comes in two sizes, one small bottle of 7.5 Liters and the bigger one of 15 Liters. The price of the bottle is expected to be in the range of INR 1300 to INR 3000 according to the sources from the company.
The air has been filled using medically approved processes and the quality of the air has passed the rigorous lab tests proving the air to be pure and free from pollution. The company claims that the air has been filled in the bottles from Blue Mountains in Australia where the Air Quality Index is below 25 which is considered very clean according to the world standards. In India, the Air Quality Index is as bad as 350 which is considered as hazardous and where everyone living in that area is prone to more serious health effects.

In the times where the clean potable water has become the basic necessity of life, the air which we breathe every moment also needs to be clean and fresh for the better and healthy lifestyle.
Many doctors in India have focused on the benefits of the intake of clean and fresh air and state the direct correlation of the better performance at work, studies and sports and intake of quality of fresh air. The similar kind of product has received a huge success in China where the air pollution levels are also declining.
The company is trying to create an opportunity where everyone can lead a healthy lifestyle and make the most out of life. The company is also planning to launch its range of health related products after the AUZAIR in India by the end of this year.

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