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TlkOut App: A support group at your fingertips

Press Release: March 26, 2021

TlkOut Initiative was started in April, 2020 with an aim to break the stigma that looms mental health and wellness globally by starting honest and active communication at all levels; individual, household and community and by spreading awareness. In an attempt to help people share their experiences and challenges honestly and freely, we launched our mobile application “TlkOut” on both android and iOS operating systems in November, 2020. TlkOut houses 30+ communities ranging from topics like anxiety, depression, career stress, entrepreneurship to LGBTQIA+ and chronic illnesses. At TlkOut we believe that not everyone has mental illness but everyone has mental health and dialogue and support is specially important for mental health. The idea is to connect those who have been through various rough patches and life challenges with those who are currently there. We believe that if given a safe and judgement free environment, people will share their true feelings and real thoughts more often and thus not face what life throws at them alone. Our platform offers them a place to acknowledge their real feelings and learn from and get inspired by the stories of others. In addition to a community set up, we also offer personal chats for users to connect in a more private setup. We also deliver regular wellness tips and positive messages on our platform to provide our users a more wholesome experience. By letting users stay anonymous and fill in a profile that truly captures the essence of the users life and learnings, we are slowly yet successfully building a virtual community that will be there for each other when a user finds himself alone. After a successful launch, we are currently in the process of launching another update that will help users journal their thoughts and manage their various moods in an interactive way.As an organisation that solely delivers online product and services, it becomes essential for us to connect with our users and potential customers. For this purpose, we use our blog space and social media handles to spread awareness and deliver positivity and motivation. Our target audience includes anyone and everyone above the age of 18, globally. We believe in inclusitivioty without discrimination and welcome everyone. Actively we are working on ensuring that no one ever has to feel alone when they need support the most. Since, we house communities based on common life experiences and challenges it gives us the benefit to target maximum people as we all go through tough patches at different points in time. TlkOut is a young yet ambitious venture then aims to do good and make this society more accepting and aware.

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