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Title - Teeth and Wisdom Webinar

Press Release: September 14, 2020

Description - In today’s running world, we want everything to be finished at the speed of light. Be it cooking, commute, or even healthcare. Science may have advanced a lot but even today, the dream of having instant healing powers is much far from reality.

In today’s running world, we want everything to be finished at the speed of light. Be it cooking, commute, or even healthcare. Science may have advanced a lot but even today, the dream of having instant healing powers is much far from reality. Even so, it is always better to be in perfect shape than being mended into one. And that’s why we at AstoCare promote healthy life choices for a better and healthier you.Dental Care - No matter what they say on the television, dental care is a core element of your overall wellness. Be it relating to your gut health or your metabolism, your dental health plays a vital role in your body’s natural functioning. Taking good care of your teeth goes a long way and saves a lot of unnecessary dental procedures. Not only is dental care inexpensive, but it also helps you cut costs on various medical ailments, dental anomalies cause.Why don’t they show this on the T.V.? We cannot tell for sure. What we can definitely recommend is you take good care of your teeth. But how? Take a look at the following:

  • Brush at least twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste:Most of us are unfamiliar with the very important notion to brush often. In fact, many of us even do it wrong.The right way to brush is to go for an up-down stroke, both sides of the tooth, both jaws. And if something is stuck, don’t rub your enamel away, just floss.
  • Floss often to reduce plaque:Many times the food we eat leaves a sugary pasty residue in between the teeth. To prevent that from triggering decay, you must floss often, especially after you have chips/biscuits/chocolates/etc.Quit smoking/alcohol: Smoking has terrible effects on the teeth/gums/pallets/tongue and even the throat. For teeth, it leads to a condition called smoker stains where the teeth turn dark brown with permanent spots on them. Alcohol consumption causes dry-mouth and harms your teeth as well as your gums.Visit the dentist once every year: This is something almost everyone overlooks and faces the consequences of. Going to the dentist does not mean something has to be wrong.It is a routine check-up to see if there are any signs of worry. Many times a major ailment gets caught early in such check-ups and major damage is prevented well in time.
  • Drink carbonated drinks less:They contain acidic elements and sugar, both of which are harmful for the teeth. A single sip of soda/carbonated drinks can have an effect that may last for about 20 minutes in your mouth.Avoid sour candies: Even though children of all ages practically love sour candies, these tiny acid bombs blast tons of acid onto your teeth and trigger decay right away.Prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate: Sweeter milk chocolate contains a lot of sugar which mixes with bacteria in your mouth to deposit on your teeth as acid, signaling dental erosion. Since chocolate ends up sticking nastily to your teeth, this process gets a lot of space to work in.

Teeth and Wisdom

Being witty with healthcare is not a bad thing. In fact, if you are being vigilant with your own body and the things that suit you, you may end up having a happier and healthier lifestyle. And trust us, this is and has been the dream of many people across the globe. Why do you think hitting the gym became this popular In order to take one step closer towards achieving the same, we suggest you practice mindful healthcare. For starters, start paying attention to your oral health and understanding what your teeth want. It’s not just about shiny white teeth. It is more about healthy and strong teeth instead. And for just that, AstoCare, your partner in healthcare, has come up with another AstoCare Webinar AstoCare Webinar AstoCare Webinars are bite-sized web-shows curated just for your benefit. These webinars are delivered by leading medical professionals from various fields on a number of themes from time to time. This time, we have the following coming up for you:

AstoCare Webinar Teeth and Wisdom September 15, 2020 11:00 a.m. onwards

Key Themes:

  • What should parents do and when to think about braces?
  • Importance of wisdom teeth and when to remove them?
  • What foods should kids eat to prevent decay?
  • If gums are infected, how to make them better?
  • When to consider fake teeth/permanent placements?
  • People often go for gold/silver teeth. Do they work like normal teeth?

The Webinar will be delivered by our esteemed speaker, Dr. Hitesh Kumar Pipat, in conversation with our host Mr. Gaurav Shah.Join usThe Webinar will throw light on a bundle of topics and will help you with simple tips and tricks that will help you transform your routine into something very productive and healthy. Join us and enjoy this free Webinar on Dentistry with AstoCare, your partner in healthcare.Click here to register yourself for the same and stay in touch with us on social media for regular updates.https://bit.ly/3hbjQ79 We Care for you.

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