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Tipspoke Infographic Reveals the Most Popular Backyard Activities of 2016

Press Release: September 13, 2016

Popoular online activities hub – Tipspoke.com has recently published an engaging infographic about the most popular backyard activities in the U.S. The information published in this infographic is backed by a recent poll, in which U.S. families voted for their favorite backyard activities.

During the height of summer and outdoor mania, Stacey Sao, the CEO of Tipspoke decided to get an unbiased, fact-based the answer to the elusive question of the favorite backyard activities in the US. Tipspoke’s mission is to help people find fun things to do to enrich their lives, and the survey of favorite backyard activities revealed what people really enjoyed doing in their own backyards this year.

The results provided the data that created their latest infographic. The Top 5 favorite backyard things to do in the U.S. turned out to be (1) Recreational Grilling; (2) Swimming; (3) Playing Sports (like Volleyball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball…); (4) Enjoying other games like Corn hole, Badminton, Croquet, Frisbee, etc.; and lastly, (5) Yarding which includes gardening, mowing the lawn, Weeding & other work. Now that tailgating season is in full swing, grilling will likely continue to hold that top spot throughout the U.S.

The Tipspoke infographic also includes a number of other fun backyard activities like Campfires, Sunbathing, Eating, Reading, as well as other, more unique activities & games that you can enjoy with family & friends in the backyard.

Media outlets are welcome to contact Tipspoke to get the full data behind the survey, including the scores of each beach and bar charts representing the results. If anyone is looking for some fun, engaging backyard activities, they can just simply go https://tipspoke.com/best-backyard-activities, and get some great ideas.

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