Home Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Pests

Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Pests

Press Release: March 27, 2020

A termite-free home is now an achievable dream with Item Secure. Item Secure is a termite solution and pest control provider in India helping both commercial and residential spaces to maintain and be pest-free completely. Along with the Item Secure termite proofing services every two years to your property, here are some easy tips to keep your home safe from pests and insects.

Seal potential sources

Once the pest control treatment gets over, check every unsealed gap that welcomes pests in your house. Insects are very fond of small gaps that you might be missing in your windows, vents, chimneys or garage. Cross check such small gaps and if you get any, seal them on priority to maintain a termite free home.

Clean your garden

While a green garden is serene to the eyes, it might also be the budding spot particularly for squirrels and rats. Thus, spend time in your garden, keep the trees trimmed, water the plants and keep the area clean. This minimizes the chances of pests coming in. In case you are yet to make your garden and the land is barren, Item Secure recommends new construction pest control for improved results.

Maintain tidiness

It’s very important to keep your house spick and span after the termite solution services. Simply, mop around the house once in a day to clear the thin layer of dust such that no crumbs call for pests. Ensure your dustbins are closed and cleared on time. Weekly or biweekly vacuuming is highly recommended by Item Secure for a neat and tidy residential or commercial space.

Control moisture levels

Pests and insects love wet, damp areas. Thus, your aim should be to keep the house dry. Places around the sink in the kitchen particularly remain wet or humid. For such places, you can even use a dehumidifier. In case, pipes or taps of the house has leakage, please seek professional help. Item Secure – the best termite solution and pest control provider in India advocates clearing of used utensils and open food items immediately as that attracts maximum flies.

Begin your termite-free home procedure with a free site visit services of Item Secure. Plan and get their termite solution and pest control program in your property followed by these tips. You will surely experience a big change.

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