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TimeWalk Launches Mobile VR App That Lets Your Fly A Helicopter in Times Square, New York

Press Release: July 17, 2015

Experience the craziest and most realistic helicopter ride in Times Square, directly on your laptop or smartphone. With a VR adapter your smartphone can immerse you almost completely in a 3D world.

Ever thought about becoming a pilot? Virtual reality can make that happen for you and you’ll barely notice the difference. Adrenapure is a new VR app that allows you to fly a helicopter and experience a flight exactly like a pilot. The new Adrenapure mobile app (for iOS and Android) can be ordered on Kickstarter along with a cardboard VR adapter. Oculus Rift owners will be able to experience it on this device also.

The AdrenaPure app is straightforward but immensely fun. It introduces you in the world of a helicopter pilot. Once you put the VR headset on your field of view is instantly filled with the skyscrapers of Times Square, New York and the command center of the helicopter. The team has created a 3D replica of Times Square in high quality and now it allows you to fly a helicopter around and between these huge buildings. One can look up, down and even control the speed while hearing the realistic sounds made by the helicopter and the radio. It’s an intense experience and the developers recommend sitting down when you first try the app.

A demo of the app has already been created and users can even try it out before deciding to pledge in the Kickstarter campaign and help AdrenaPure achieve its funding goal of $7000. Rewards vary between $1 and $100 with $3 getting you the full version of the app and $35 the app, lifetime access to TimeWalk (the bigger project the team is involved in) and a cool VR headset.

There are only 20 days left in the campaign so if you like your daily dose of pure adrenaline you might want to check AdrenaPure’s Kickstarter campaign.

The project is based on TimeWalk, a VR platform with practical application in travel, shopping, product presentation, socializing and more. TimeWalk will encompass and bring together hundreds of VR apps in a single multi-use social media VR platform. A demo version can be explored and www.timewalk.tw

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