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Timeshare & Fractional Ownership Social Networking Site Gets Industry Talking

Press Release: February 16, 2010

Perspective Forums (http://www.perspectiveforums.com) has been created to encourage communication between developers, marketers and suppliers of the timeshare and fractional ownership industry on a global scale providing opportunities for forging new alliances and collaborations, discuss pertinent issues and learn whats currently working best in the sales and marketing arena.

The first three days alone saw in excess of 500 friendship requests processed between industry professionals as they began to build their new contacts list and several hot topics have already begun that are pertinent to the evolution of the industry during these economic times and beyond.

Perspective Forums now also hosts groups for all the major associations and conferences around the globe to help promote the benefits of becoming new members and attending, sponsoring and exhibiting at conventions.

Feedback has shown that the site is easy to use and set to become a favourite amongst timeshare and fractional ownership industry professionals. Said Paul Mattimoe, CEO, Perspective International. I am pleased with the first few days, but do expect far more significant figures to emerge in the weeks to come as word spreads around the industry.

Perspective Magazine is no stranger to industry firsts they were the first to create an independent global industry publication, the first of the shared ownership industry publications to adopt page turn technology for their digital editions, the first to adopt front cover sponsorship for unrivalled exposure of select clients and the first to offer a suite of online advertising and branding free of charge to its advertisers.

Perspective Magazine
Now available in two versions; North America and International, Perspective Magazine continues to extend its lead as the largest monthly publication for the shared ownership industry, currently reaching more than 21,000 registered subscribers (print and online) and distributing to all delegates at 18 conventions and events around the world each year.

For more information on advertising and editorial opportunities visit www.perspectiverates.com or call +1 407 792 2343 (USA) or +44 191 250 3501 (UK) or email advertising@perspectiveinternational.com

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