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Timeshare Compensation Claims under the 1994 European Timeshare Directive

Press Release: February 05, 2010

Have you been timeshare scammed in Spain or its Islands, is your timeshare now worthless, have your timeshare maintenance fees gone through the roof, are you in the timeshare trap.

If you purchased your timeshare after 1994 in Spain or its Islands you may be entitled to claim up to 100% of your purchase price back, even if the company you purchased from is no longer trading or your timeshare resort is under different management.

Our sponsor has over 300 live cases against timeshare developers in the last 7 months, using fully registered Spanish lawyers and Notaries, and working on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, it could not be easier to validate your claim.

To begin the claims procedure to claim your refund, you must qualify on at least one of the points below:
1, You must have purchased the timeshare in Spain or its Islands after October 1994.
2, You did not receive a cooling off period.
3, You paid a deposit on or during the cooling off period.
4, You were misrepresented or mis-sold during the purchase presentation.
5, You did not receive all relevant paperwork and information of your purchase within the first 3 months of your membership.
6, You signed up to a finance agreement that was misrepresented during the sales presentation.
7. You were mis-sold over the rate of maintenance yearly costs.
If you think you qualify on one or more of the above 7 points, you should go to
www.claimsdirective.com , click the link timeshare mis-selling, and fill out the claims questionnaire; your initial claim will be validated within 48 hours.

Our sponsor works on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, and charges 25% of your total successful claim.

Claims Directive timeshare compensation for owners who purchased in Spain.

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